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This paper discusses the pros and cons of seat belts and how they impact the everyday lives of children. The usage of seat belts in school buses has been a topic of discussion and great debate over the years. Currently, only two state have made it mandatory for children to wear seat belts during transit while the others state have dismissed the matter. …
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Seatbelts in School Buses
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Seatbelts in School Buses Aura The usage of seat belts in school buses has been a topic of discussion and great debate over the years. Currently, only two state have made it mandatory for children to wear seat belts during transit while the others state have dismissed the matter. The National Highway Travel Safety Administration has opposed the idea of seat belts in school buses and focuses on educating the students whereas the National Coalition for School Bus Safety has considered it to be a form of negative education by not wearing them. This paper discusses the pros and cons of seat belts and how they impact the everyday lives of children. Seatbelts in School Buses To save lives in car accidents seat belts are the most preferred remedy. But seatbelts in buses are not much of an object of discussion. In the USA, the only two states which require students travelling on school buses to utilize the seat belts are New York and New Jersey. (Svensen). Buses are rather large in size and during an impact the individuals who are travelling in them are less likely to be killed than those in motor car accidents. School bus wrecks lead to an average of 11 children dying compared to over 41,000 people dying in motor vehicle accidents. (Adams, 1998). Pros and Cons Pros Some researchers consider the use of seat belts in school buses as a very important need. School buses which are under 10,000 are already required to have them. (Svensen). In school buses, if accidents are to occur then the use of seat belts by children will most likely reduce the chances of death or any serious injuries. (NCSBS Fact Summary). The usage of them would also reduce the distractions that the average school driver has to face during commute. This would also bring about a certain amount of discipline in the students that are in the bus. (NCSBS Fact Summary). The usage of seat belts in buses would also protect students during severe cases of accidents which could lead of the bus rolling over. (Svensen). The National Coalition for School Bus Safety also believes that forms of negative education. This further leads to students not using seat belts in other forms of travel which have more chances of collisions. (NCSBS Fact Summary). The usage of seat belts in school buses would make the usage of them a routine in the lives of students. This protection would definitely be worth the added expenses involved in training children and setting a trend in their minds. (NCSBS Fact Summary). Cons Studies done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have other views about seat belts. They concluded that the usage of seat belts is considered rather hazardous. (Svensen). The usage of seat belts carries absolutely no value in the protection of students on board during fatal accidents that may occur. Children are less likely to be killed inside the bus because of the mass of the vehicle; the most likely cases of death are usually around the buses. (Seat Belts on School Buses, 2006). The design process behind the manufacturing of a school bus is done with safety as a priority in mind. School buses also have extra padded seats which are made to reduce the impact of accidents in case they happen. (Seat Belts on School Buses, 2006). There is also concern that even after the installation of seat belts, they will not properly be utilized and in extreme cases could also be used as a weapon to strike or choke. (Seat Belts on School Buses, 2006). The same amount of money used on the installation of the seat belts could be better used to invest on other methods of safety for children such as training them. (Svensen). Discussion Seat belts themselves would definitely help make a bus into a safer method of traveling but study shows that sometimes it could also lead to increasing the number of injuries that could be caused. (Adams, 1998). The seat belts that are designed are not particularly made for the use in buses. The two types of seat belts that are commonly thought of to be used can both cause injuries in their own fashion. The belts that go around the lap are prone to cause injuries to the head or the abdomen because of the jerk caused by an accident. (Adams, 1998). Thinking about the monetary figures involved in introducing seat belts in school buses, a near estimate of about $800 million is thought of. Such a cost for introducing seat belts into school buses which have an annual death of 11 is far too high. (Adams, 1998). Educating students about the hazards that involve travelling in school buses would be a feasible and cost effective solution instead of introducing seat belts with the huge costs involved. (Adams, 1998). School bus transportation has already been ruled out to be one of the safest methods of transportation for students and with further research is being carried out to make them safer. (Svensen). References Seat Belts on School Buses. (2006, May). Retrieved October 1, 2011, from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Adams, C. (1998, November 6). Why Are There No Seatbelts On School Buses? Retrieved October 1, 2011, from The Straight Dope: NCSBS Fact Summary. (n.d.). Retrieved October 1, 2011, from The National Coalition For School Bus Safety: Svensen, A. (n.d.). Seat Belts on School Buses. Retrieved October 1, 2011, from FamilyEducation: Read More
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