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Critique of Professional Article - Education - Essay Example

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Critique of Professional Article - Education By (Name) 1.1 Introduction Classroom environment and its regulations have a significant impact on student’s education as well as learning. Classroom environment can only be successful if there are good teachers in the school…
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Critique of Professional Article - Education
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Extract of sample "Critique of Professional Article - Education"

Download file to see previous pages each students is different from the other. These differences should be studied and then they must be taught accordingly. If this is not taken into account it can create bias in the classroom. So it is imperative to interact with each student in the class to have a positive environment and all students should be given same care and respect then only the environment of a classroom can be respectful and in accordance with the principles. This interaction among teachers and students will not only facilitate the classrooms climate but this will also help in learning by sharing each other’s ideas and perceptions and will also help in development of student. 1.3 Environment of Learning and Excellence It is also important to identify that a classroom environment provides learning to the student and to do so it essential that teachers should communicate with the students the benefits of learning, making them understand what kind of work the educational institutions are expecting from them. So that students can become familiar of the learning procedures and will do all work in accordance to the set principles. It is necessary to communicate what teachers expects from the students because it helps them to know that educational institutions have high expectations from them in relation to institutions goals, activities, assessment procedures and related forms off classroom environment for the benefit of students learning. 1.4 Classroom procedures Procedures of classroom play a significant role in managing its environment. If procedures are not managed or followed accordingly then it can create hurdle in having a positive environment in class. Procedures or routine in class also affects learning of students. Therefore, teachers should create such routines in class which helps in organizing the learning of students and should follow these routines strictly and promptly. In order to facilitate efficiency and cooperation among students, they should be made to work in groups rather than on individual basis. Learning will be more beneficial if it is done in groups rather than on individual basis. In order to have effective classroom functions in relation to its procedures and routine time management is very important. Teachers should manage the class timings and all the activities accordingly in a way that it should be assistance in students learning. If there would be lack in time management, then things will not happen in accordance with the set procedures and routines and will affect the environment of class. Therefore all things should be managed in classroom according to the time and procedures as scheduled. 1.5 Students Behavior Classroom environment is positive only if students behave nicely in class. If the behavior of students is bad in class it may create disturbance in the daily activities. Teachers should use systematic techniques in order to manage student’s behavior in class. They should set behavior standards in the institutions and should communicate with the students their expectations in relations to student behavior i.e. making them clear about the difference in good and bad behavior. Students should be punished on misbehavior so that they are not inclined with same action again. Strict policies and regulation should be established and managed in classrooms in order to control student’s behavior. These policies should be revised on continuous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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