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Introduction In organizations, there would have to be people, products or services, policies, and procedures, a chain of command, duties and responsibilities, accountabilities, and daily operations needed for the attainment of goals. Objectives always include the aim to succeed with achieving desired results…
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Organizing Framework Education Assignment
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Jerry Tarasofsky (2011) recommends the organization framework in Appendix 2 to guide an entity towards becoming more organized; saying that attending to these elements will ensure growth. In addition, the organization should be made up of qualified people who should have lateral and vertical relationships within the hierarchy, and with well-defined duties and responsibilities to be performed within the bounds of a set of policies and procedures aimed at allowing the entire company to perform according to strategic plans for the attainment of short-to-long term objectives. What are the common desired results? In order to survive and grow in a competitive environment, an organization must achieve its productivity and income generating goals, establish goodwill, positive relations with the people it serves, and must comply with regulations of government. All these should serve the common interest of Stakeholders. With these in mind, it should define a set of Missions & Visions to guide the development of objectives and strategies that might have to change under different situations. Variables to consider would have to be those shown in Appendix 3 or Figure A: (Figure A was improvised to summarize the critical factors that would have an impact on the organization.) The Organizing Framework In order to fulfil the missions and to realize visions for the BSN, the organizing framework should consist of the person, health, environment, nursing, policies and procedures. People or Person BSN is made up of administrators, educators, nurses, families and specific individual members of the community who are being served and/or who are affected by the work of nursing. They are made aware of the critical importance of health and the proper care of the human body through the services rendered. The school’s task includes building up of persons (body, mind, and spirit) to the extent possible while they are within the influence or direct supervision of the organization. Thus, for patients with low morale or stressed by problems in their lives, nurses are trained to listen, be involved, to show empathy and care, until they find an opportunity to inspire them with positive thoughts and understanding. Every nurse is gradually being developed into a knowledgeable and skilled professional with strong character to meet the most difficult patient to interact with. Every administrator and educator at BSN ensures the ongoing education of all the nurses, aside from maintaining the facilities into sanitized, fully equipped place for recovery of sick people. Patients, relatives of patients, and other surrounding people who learn about the services at BSN become the long term business providers as a result of their acknowledgement of the goodwill exemplified by the workforce of the organization. Health Every person is entitled to a happy, wholesome life through the sound maintenance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. BSN recognizes such wealth belonging to the individual. Thus, its employees are provided with work schedules that will allow them to recover from hectic activities that satisfy patients. The same care is given to patients themselves who have been admitted for their speedy recovery. Nutrition awareness is promoted all throughout BSN. The atmosphere is freed from tensions, excessive noise, or even harsh words that can depress the spirit. Environment The Environment of BSN defines the decisions, Read More
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Organizing Framework Education Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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