Physicians Assistant Program at Northwestern University - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of this essay seeks to outline the rationale for participating in the Physician’s Assistant (PA) program at Northwestern University. Furthermore, the essay evaluates the application and development of practical, diagnostic, academic and interpersonal skills throughout the program…
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Physicians Assistant Program at Northwestern University
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Download file to see previous pages For the general practitioners I learned about bedside manner, I learned about surgery with the OB/GYN doctor and I saw in every case how to treat patients well. I also was able to shadow a PA-C Family Physician who was also my doctor. From this physician, I learned how the PA works with the doctor and the various procedures that the PA can perform. Because of my various volunteer efforts, I understand how to treat people in a compassionate and high-quality way. As an example, when I was working with Habitat for Humanity, I understood that we were building a home for a family that could not afford to purchase a large, luxurious home. When I passed out food to homeless people or boxed food that was going out to them, I realized how fortunate I was in this particular situation because I was learning about the circumstances that put people into these positions; I also learned about different cultures and how to approach them. I think that I am a loving and caring person. I come from a rural town where everyone knows everyone else and I realize that in times of illness, people seek support. They want to know that when they go into an emergency room or into a doctor’s office that they are going to be treated well. From my earliest years, I wanted to be of use to members of my community or to a community that was very much like my own. I decided to become a pharmacist at first and began my bachelor degree studies with this goal in mind. However, after much thought, I decided that this choice would not provide the frequent and close interaction with patients that I felt that I needed for a satisfying career in healthcare. I changed my major to medicine and I have spent my undergraduate education tenaciously pursuing this goal. I also understood that I needed the experience to understand what aspects of medicine I wanted to pursue. With this in mind, I worked one summer as an intern in a rural hospital, I spent a year working at a nursing home and I am currently working in a hospital. Each of these experiences has been built in a way that helped me to create an understanding of quality patient care and how to work with a team. I have seen how interdisciplinary teams work together to provide care for a patient. Sometimes this was a good team and at other times it was not as good as it could have been. However, in each situation, I was able to take care of patients, make them laugh and give them some peace as they went through their ordeal. I feel that these experiences have made it easier for me to bring together my compassion and my ability to help people heal through treating them well. (568 words) Why Attend Northwestern University Prior to my decision to apply at Northwestern University I researched many programs. I chose Northwestern because it seemed to be compatible with what I think about medicine. I chose the program because it was rigorous and I felt it would give me the best opportunity for training. I read on the website that this program provided a “didactic curriculum that utilizes lecture, small group discussion, clinical experiences, team-based learning, and problem-based learning”. I am the type of person who learns best through hands-on experiences. This program provides clinical experiences that are in and around Chicago. This gives me experience in working within my community. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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