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Pros and Cons of Private Schooling - Essay Example

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Pros and Cons of Private Schooling There is a significant percentage of people that have started to choose private schooling for their children in the present age. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (2000 cited in NCSPE, n.d.), there were 27223 private schools in US in the year 2000 which were attended by 5953000 students…
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Pros and Cons of Private Schooling
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Extract of sample "Pros and Cons of Private Schooling"

Download file to see previous pages This paper analyzes the pros and cons of private schooling as explained in four articles, links to which are given in the references section. Private schools have conventionally played a very important role in promoting and strengthening UK’s economy despite being lesser in number as compared to the public schools. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that individuals educated in private schools gain a lot of economic advantages in their professional career. They get better jobs and are employed at higher salaries than the graduates of public schools, though there is little know-how about the way the social and economic influence of the private schooling has surfaced. In their paper, Green et al (2010) have provided empirical evidence for the degree of change experienced in the education differentials and school wages over the period of time. The reasons why pupils educated in private schools have more advantages than those educated in public schools include but are not limited to substantive increase in the number of resources, increased emphasis of the private schools upon the academic achievement of students through internal transformation, and increased fee amounts that parents do not have problem with paying given the widespread knowledge economy and increase in the number of women participating in the labor force. ...
(Green et al, 2010). The authors conclude that half of the increase in salary differential between the graduates of private and public schools is because of the better qualifications of the former than the latter. Homeschool Academy (2007) discusses a number of advantages of the private schools. The academic performance of private school students is much better than that of the public school students. One of the several reasons behind this is increased parental involvement in the child education in private schools. Private schools are characterized by freedom from the constraints imposed by the government over public schools. Private schools are free to select core academic subjects for teaching. They do not have to bear the pressure of political advocacy groups while designing the curriculum for their students. Because of their increased freedom, private schools are better able to enforce discipline within the classroom as well as in the campus. They are greatly facilitated by the parents of the students in implementing discipline in the schools because parents are as concerned about making the private school education a success as the school administrators and owners themselves are. However, private schools still have to overcome the challenges of age segregation in classrooms and the inflexibility of teachers with respect to their speed of teaching. NCSPE (n.d.) explains why private schools are so controversial. Private schools provide the families with a way to retreat from their responsibilities towards the society as citizens and also promote inequality. The fundamental cause of injustice is the use of public dollars by private schools that are potentially ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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