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Preventative Education - Essay Example

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This paper will speak about preventative education. In many institutions, supportive measures are the means by which chronic diseases are primarily addressed, with preventive measures often given less attention. …
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Preventative Education
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Download file to see previous pages Since COPD is primarily a disease related to excessive or long-term smoking and is completely preventable from both a pharmacological and non-pharmacological perspective and there are numerous methods that can be implemented to focus on the prevention, accurate diagnosis, and management of this disease (Barnett, 2009). Through a comprehensive understanding of the disease, as well as the physical, psychological and social impact COPD has on the patient, their careers, and their families, healthcare professionals will be better equipped to comprise management plans that are effective in all the affected areas of the patient’s life (Barnett, 2009). Formulating a collaborative approach that includes working with other healthcare professionals relative to the patient’s care like physiotherapists, occupational therapists, district nurses and social workers will enable a holistic approach to the patient’s care to be established and maintained (Barnett, 2009). Through this approach, the healthcare professional can help the patient examine numerous aspects of their lifestyle that may be detrimental to their health and exacerbate their COPD. Providing the patient with complete care and information is the most vital tool a nurse can provide to their patient. In the instigation of preventative routines, successful implementation of a case management scheme including the medical interventions available can help establish a routine of such care within the institution. Even though the current treatments are limited in helping relieve symptoms, nurses can do a lot to help educate patients and enable them to cope with their condition to reduce the progression of the disease (Barnett, 2006). The most vital piece of information a...
This paper approves that many opportunities for health promotion through patient education are underutilized in all aspects of healthcare. Through education, nurses can develop the skills necessary to use every opportunity for promoting health in everyday practice and help their patients become educated in various methods to promote and preserve their own well-being. Keeping the needs of the facility and the needs of the patient balanced is the duty of the nurse and proper case management will help the nurse keep these contradictory aspects well in hand.
This essay makes a conclusion that incorporating theories of holistic care with those of case management can help the nurse provide the best care possible for the patient at the lowest cost to the institution. COPD is a systemic disease with high and increasing worldwide prevalence. The onset of this disease has been associated with both individual and community-based factors and COPD is usually the result of a combination of these factors. Numerous strategies are available to manage or prevent COPD, and nursing education is needed to empower nurses to educate their patients and present proper solutions through case management schemes that will benefit the patients and the institutions through effective, cost-minimal methods of treatment. Nurses all over the world have important roles in fighting the COPD pandemic and health promotion is the best tool available to keep healthy people healthy as long as possible. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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