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Commercial Reading Programs - Essay Example

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Commercial Reading Programs One of the most important elements of the teaching professional is the continual incorporation of new instructional material and theory. With the rapidly changing nature of educational technology and theory the need for instructors to consider newfound means of curriculum is one of the challenging aspects of the profession…
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Commercial Reading Programs
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Extract of sample "Commercial Reading Programs"

Download file to see previous pages This essay considers general aspects of these programs, and the various ways they can be utilized in the 8th grade language arts curriculum. The Great Leaps reading program is a commercial reading program that is targeted to improve student fluency, phonics, and motivation. In terms of background elements, the program is recognized as being a research-based program that incorporates education theory and studies in the construction of its instructional methods. It’s indicated that the program has been adopted by a wide-variety of educational programs. Statistical research has also demonstrated that the program has been highly successful in aiding students in special education programs, including students with dyslexia. The program itself is designed to be an efficient means of advancing language arts comprehension. For instance, the student’s in the program spend only ten minutes per day working with the instructor and the materials. This allows for the program to be implemented as an after-school or augmented education program that doesn’t overly occupy the student’s time. The program contains a student manual and an instructor manual that are targeted for the learner’s age and reading deficiencies. ...
One of the effective uses of the reading program would be for the in-class 8th grade special education language arts curriculum. In these regards, there are a variety of ways the program could be used in this educational context. One of the major ways the program could be implemented is through its incorporation into the main curriculum. In these regards, the program could be implemented to advance student phonics understanding by identifying sounds in isolation. Specific patterns are taught to students in a progressive learning process. Students then advance to the study of prefixes and suffixes. The theory behind this is that these elements allow the educator to imbue the student with critical thinking skills to decode words and phrases they are not familiar with. At a different stage of student education the instructor can incorporate sight phrases to advance student reading comprehension. In these regards, high frequency words are instructed to students. Through this mode of instruction the student learns to identify word meanings with these phrases as a means of improving reading efficiency. The final stage of instruction involves reading fluency. In this stage the instructor has the student read age appropriate stories while they listen for aspects of comprehension, fluency, and pronunciation. In the 8th grade special education language arts classroom dividing students into reading groups based on comprehension level could institute this program. The instructor could then implement a teaching assistant or work in rotation with the different groups. This way the students would receive instruction designed for their specific level of reading development in an efficient and effective way. Another prominent reading program is the Reading Blaster program. Whereas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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