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Summer Intern Report. Nizing Electronic Company - Essay Example

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Nizing Electronic Company is a privately owned firm. The company has a range of loyal customers who are mainly young urban people who do have the interest and financial capacity to purchase the latest electronic gadgets. …
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Summer Intern Report. Nizing Electronic Company
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Download file to see previous pages Each of the showrooms runs under a manager or assistant manager. Usually, there are two employees in the showroom working under the manager. During peak business hours, there are up to five people in sales. The usual working hours of the employees are 8 hours and the employees enjoy one day off.

The company hires employees throughout the year, and unskilled, fresh-graduates too get a job here. However, employees except the management staff get unsatisfied with the salary and they often leave the work in one or two years. Admittedly the company does not have an admirable hiring and training program. The company does not monitor people for good personal traits and skills while selecting, nor does it offer a good training and orientation program. The one who is absorbed is on full-fledged duty from the day-first and training often takes place while on duty. Another way of making the employees aware about the company policies is the infrequent CSR classes that often turn ineffective.

The company has its advertisement in all media raging from television, major newspapers, and all important magazines. The advertisement is handled by an advertising agency. In addition, the company offers special discounts on festive seasons. Another feature is the free service guarantee the company gives on all purchases of electronic and computer appliances. As the company has its most of the clientele in urban areas, it does not cause a heavy burden on the company coffers. The company has its specific pricing strategy that takes into consideration its local competitors and global retailers such as Amazon. As it aims at urban young clientele that looks for quality, the company does not price its products too low. Its products are comparatively high-priced, but the company makes sure that quality of the products and the services provided is of excellent standard. Though there is rising threat from global competitors like Amazon, the company manages to make an annual growth of 8%. Part –II A look into the company performance proves that there are three things that are in need of improvement taking the future of Nizing Electronic Company into consideration. They are; i) employee hiring, training, remuneration and retention ii) use of technology for sales and services, including a website iii) use of electronic tools to observe consumer trends The first and foremost issue associated with the company is its high employee turnover. The reasons behind this increasing turnover are poor hiring practices, poor training facilities, and poor remuneration. Presently, the company hires almost everyone who applies without a monitoring of personal traits, willingness to work and readiness to abide by the company rules. So, the company witnesses considerable amount of employee turnover. By improving its hiring process, that can be done by engaging a professional recruitment agency, the company can ensure that only the ones who possess specific skills and motivation are entering the jobs. The second thing the company has to take care of is its training policies. As is seen, the company gives very few CSR classes, which miserably fail to keep the employees motivated though they help in keeping the employees informed of the company policies. So, it is necessary for the company to adopt a new training strategy and motivating policy. The third thing is remuneration. Undoubtedly, ‘poor salary results in poor employee retention, and thus, in more recruiting expenses and training ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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