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A framework for knowledge based educational decision support system - Literature review Example

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In the modern world of technological development and growing need of easy maintenance of data Knowledge base system are in huge demand. The systems based on Knowledge base are known as Knowledge base system.It mainly comprises of storing, organizing and the retrieval of data in an efficient way…
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A framework for knowledge based educational decision support system
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Download file to see previous pages In the modern world of technological development and growing need of easy maintenance of data Knowledge base system are in huge demand. The systems based on Knowledge base are known as Knowledge base system.It mainly comprises of storing, organizing and the retrieval of data in an efficient way. This gives an insight of the relations, patterns and the principles behind certain decisions taken in a practical manner through proper understanding. This system can also be applied in Educational Decision Support System (EDSS) for an easy decision taking procedure in the educational institute and normalizing the procedure for management of institutional admissions. Background of knowledge based educational decision support system Knowledge based decision support system is mainly concerned with taking decision in critical situation which are mainly done by skilled personnel on a specific domain. The success of such a system is mainly dependent on the knowledge it comprises of in the system which can generalize the variation in the decision of the management through a computerized way provided on time (CEBE, 2006, p. 1). But as stated by the author it is not about taking decision for the user rather it is just providing access to the database of information which will help the user in taking decision regarding an issue which might arise in the process. In educational institutes the process of admission is a difficult task for the management to handle due to the variation in the educational backgrounds of the students applying for different courses of the institutes and abiding by the policies of the institution, the management not always takes the right decision in the selection process resulting in the difficulty in managing the enrollment process for the higher education. This gave rise to the requirement of the relational database management system of the educational statistics of different universities, campuses, schools; faculty members etc. under a centralized database for an easy access to the entire information at one place and establish a department of statistics for the planning process. To achieve an effective decision making process the personnel need to understand the basics of the process and past experience on same type of situation is an important tool for an efficient and feasible outcome of the problems (Pheng, 2005, p. 2). Need of educational decision support system The admission procedures of different countries in the word are not the same way everywhere. These variations in the admission procedure give rise to the need of standardization of the process to help students for a proper evaluation and understanding of their knowledge and skills. There are various problems which arise due to these variations resulting in the need of an efficient educational decision support system (EDSS). These differences can be described as follows- The huge demand in higher education in this modern world needs a proper implementation process for the specific major subject selection for the students according to their merits and credibility. The social impact of the family plays a vital role in the selection process of the students but proper selection is required based on merits rather than influence from family. The evaluation process of students in several countries like Saudi Arabia adds an extra overhead for the students and they lose unnecessarily one year in their career for the selection process in their eligible courses. The government and the private university difference in selecting the major based on the financial capabilities need a process of standardization of the whole system. According to UNESCO, various countries like Saudi Arabia are facing challenges from the growing need of improving the quality and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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