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Perception about Studying of the Students - Essay Example

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In this critical review, we will learn about the perception about studying of the students in the mainstream school or further colleges and what is the actual situation when they enter a mainstream school or college for pursuing their further studies…
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Perception about Studying of the Students
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"Perception about Studying of the Students"

Download file to see previous pages integration in respect of the students who attend the special schools. In the beginning of the journal, the focus is given on the rules and regulations made for such type of disability and students preferences. There is a qualitative method which is adopted in order to find out the truth behind such kind of debate and what is the main concern. A study is also taken where a pilot program is done. In this pilot program a mass of people who were disabled students of the respective ages required were taken. Firstly a group interview was taken, then a personal interview with each student. The group interview was focused on finding the main issues and perception of the students themselves. What they think about the further colleges. Then after the group interview, the personal interview further helped to bring out of more of the information which is their inner expectation and problems faced by them in entering the mainstream colleges. This study brought in itself the clarity and the finding was also shown to the participants. The results show mixed perception of the students. It is never asked to the students themselves where they want to go. Where the truth is that they wants to preferably wish to go to the special collages where they find themselves more connected and taken care in good manner. They also don’t want to learn from the LSA (learning staff assistant). They feel that the kind of The results show mixed perception of the students. It is never asked to the students themselves where they want to go. Where the truth is that they wants to preferably wish to go to the special collages where they find themselves more connected and taken care in good manner. They also don’t want to learn from the LSA (learning staff assistant). They feel that the kind of the information given to the other student should also be imparted to them and as per the researches shown that these assistants are not very qualified. Also the perception of the special students is more tilted towards learning in the special collages as they feel there they will not be treated specially as every student will have some kind of disability and they don’t want to feel different which ultimately affect their self-esteem. The most important thought which can be learned from this journal is that the students who have some kind of disability themselves do not wish to go and mingle with the mainstream college students. The journal has given very good information which shows that the student with disability is happier to be with same kind of people. The reason being that they get same importance, no feeling of being treated specially, no feeling disabled as some of the other disability is there in each student of special collages. It is also argued that the students with disability are not accepted easily within the mainstream colleges easily due to the change in the thinking of the normal students. They do not take them as friends in the same manner. Also many times the student with disability has faced the teasing issues. These type of issues further loosen their confidence. These students need affection and acceptance which is not given easily in the mainstream colleges. These colleges also do not have all types of facilities as they are not mending as per the requirements of the special needs students. Thus we can say these types of students are right to prefer to be in the same environment where everyone understands the need and problems faced by special students. They tend to be more focused and get their requirements in the special schools which they do not get in the mainstream colleges. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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