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Adolescence developmental stages - Essay Example

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“At sixteen,the adolescent knows about suffering because he himself has suffered,but he barely knows that other beings also suffer.”This idea of adolescent by Jean Jacques Rousseau demonstrates that adolescent is a challenging stage in human development…
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Adolescence developmental stages
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Extract of sample "Adolescence developmental stages"

Download file to see previous pages “At sixteen,the adolescent knows about suffering because he himself has suffered,but he barely knows that other beings also suffer.”This idea of adolescent by Jean Jacques Rousseau demonstrates that adolescent is a challenging stage in human development Problems of behavior and adjustment for a new role in the society bring about conflicts within an adolescent, the family and community in general. Looking back on my adolescent years, I find the above description to be true. In the early years of my adolescent period, I find it uncomfortable to experience the physical changes I had been undergoing that time. This change made me struggle to hide my developing breast and widening hips. I always wanted privacy when changing clothes. However, in the midst of these changes is the interesting attraction to the opposite sex. This was the time I became creative in writing love notes to my crush. The time to discussed with peers the most handsome guy in the classroom, has the latest car, the coolest guy to be with and many other fancy things to talk about regarding the opposite sex of my same age including older males. It is the period I told lies to my parents to be out of the house just to have a look at my crush. I also became secretive to my parents as well as to my brothers and sister about my feelings towards males. As I reached middle adolescence, the more that I pay attention to how I project myself to be more attractive to males. Hairstyle and dress code appropriate for my age became important. I was always on the lookout for magazines for new looks to incorporate to my fashion style. This is because I wanted to be more popular than any other girls my age in my own little ways. Sometimes I exhibited a punk hairstyle and dressed differently alerting my parents to express distasteful of my style since they always wanted me to dress the way they like it to be. According to them, my stylish fashion is considered bizarre. Apart from this, I find it more comfortable to be with my circle of friends than with my family since there are no objections, restrictions and rules to follow. One memorable event that comes to mind every time I flashback to my adolescent stage was when I had my first date. It was late one evening in summer along the river bank in my community; a cold wind was blowing as I stroll close to my date holding hands together, laughing, giggling and enjoying each other’s company. Hugging and trying to experience the first kiss out of curiosity was attempted too however, all those emotional attraction ended just with an unforgettable kiss. I enjoyed those moments that I forgot the curfew time my parents set for me. When I reached home, the feeling of euphoria was suddenly changed to tormenting moments as my parents scolded me for violating such rule at an early age of barely 15. The above scenario not only prompted me to consider independency but also caused conflicts between me and my parents. Their expression of bewilderment on how I behave and the arguments confused me as to what behavior is appropriate since what I know that time was that I just want to enjoy life and that I was not stepping on someone’s rights. Nevertheless, I am hated by the way I live my life as a teenager. However, as the final years of my adolescence stretched, my relationship with my family improved and my attention gradually was focused on my studies as it is what I really wanted to do to have a career in the future. To understand why an adolescent behave the way they do at this period is to take into consideration theories that apply. Being attracted to the opposite sex is normal for every teenager to experience as was pointed out in Freud’s psychosexual theory. Accordingly, adolescence is the time where there is the resurgence of sex drive that is focused at the genital regions. As a result, adolescents are fascinated with nude magazines and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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