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High school graduates - Research Paper Example

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Living in a time where consistent teaching regulations and youngsters are generally subjected to learn conventional and uninteresting things, there is a great deal of uncertainty in the schools with reference to what to do after high school…
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High school graduates
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Download file to see previous pages Living in a time where consistent teaching regulations and youngsters are generally subjected to learn conventional and uninteresting things, there is a great deal of uncertainty in the schools with reference to what to do after high school. In general, college is the default pathway and the majority of students ‘mechanically’ put themselves on that path; however, then there are still a small number of those who appear to be in no doubt regarding what in fact they would like to study for in college. In addition, even if they are certain, experts declare that, on the whole, a student will modify his major three times or more during the track of his/her college profession. On the other hand, a lot more disturbing statistic is that one in every four freshman in school gives up prior to finishing sophomore year. The truth is that college is not for every person nor it is really considered necessary for every person and thus, pushing teens to go to college, in order to have them drop out is like harming them (Lee, 2001). Before a generation or two, high-school graduates seldom went on to college, yet one way or another during the years, college more or less has turned out to be a rite of way for youngsters to pass into maturity and an excellent job. However, youngsters do not have to attend college to become grown-ups and they surely do not need to go to land at first-class profession. A few alternatives for high school graduates other than just college are discussed in the following paragraphs. Gap Year There are certain things that a student can do ahead of making up his mind regarding what his long-term path is going to be; something to fill up the gap. In addition, talking about of filling in the gap, the first thing that comes to the mind is gap year. The gap year is basically a practice of channeling in Australia, as well as in the United Kingdom, although not a lot of individuals in the States have noticed it. Mainly, a gap year is a year in the middle of completing high school and starting college that is usually spent either in travelling or working as contrasting to carrying on the education without any delay. For several students, it is a year of self-awareness as well as exploration, and it provides them a little time to dwell on what they would like to do with their lives prior to going back into an educational atmosphere. It is a disgrace that this is nearly rejected within United States of America, where, for the most part, youngsters are forced to being their secondary education immediately the moment as they graduate high school. A lot of them could in fact utilize the free time (White, 2009). As in other countries, it lets students to grow up, be mature, and pull through from burn out. Alternatives take account of recognized programs for individual development. Internships In particular, there are a number of internships readily accessible for students who have started college, and who have not yet started a further schooling after high school. The expertise learned from an internship can be immensely helpful as it can create knowledge and familiarity, as a result probably letting students to land on a real employment. In addition, students can get the benefit from the experience, as it will be giving them awareness about the field that the internship work is in. In this regard, this will bring about interest in some specific professional path and could give students an enhanced plan with reference to what they would like to do (Noddings, 2005). Job Having a job can provide the students important experience that can give them insight into what it is they would like to be doing in the future. In addition, students will be making money that can be reserved for schooling expenditures that student opt to do subsequently. Nothing assists more with that changeover to maturity than holding down a permanent employment. Student’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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