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Higher Education Industry: How have colleges and university changed over the past 20 years - Term Paper Example

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Education is a continuous process. It starts at the time of birth and ends at the time of death. Education is one of the basic necessities for human development. Based on the rapid changes and advancements happening in science and technology, educational systems and methodologies are also changing rapidly. …
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Higher Education Industry: How have colleges and university changed over the past 20 years
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Download file to see previous pages Organizational theories and principles are undergoing tremendous changes in the last couple of decades. Professionalism can be seen in every aspect of human life at present and educational sector is also not an exception. Educational institutions and universities are currently witnessed as organizations rather than a separate unit and hence organizational theories and principles are applicable in the educational sector also. The changing opinions about the educational institutions brought many changes in the educational sector over the last two decades. This paper analyses; how have colleges and universities changed over the past 20 years and why have they changed.
“With rapid advances in technology and communications, the time it takes to exert influence around the world from even the most remote locations has been reduced from years to only seconds” (Daft p.7). Computers and internet has increased the speed of the communication procedures. Educational institutions are struggling to keep in pace with the changes happening in the technological world or communication sector. The world is getting smaller and smaller as time advances because of the immense advancements happening in the communication sector. Knowledge is coming out from all the corners, virtually in every second. Traditional means of education is unable to manage this knowledge explosion. For example, traditional educations were text book based. Teachers and the students waited for years to get new knowledge. At present, internet is getting updated in every second so that the teachers and students are getting the new knowledge more rapidly. Under such circumstances, the text based learning becomes meaningless since such curriculum methods will take longer times.
Online education is at present getting popularity in the current higher education sector because of the immense advantages it provide to the learners compared to the traditional higher educational methods. The current people have more responsibilities than the older generation and hence they are finding difficulties in allotting time for their higher education. Such people can select online education as an option for their higher education. “Over 20% of the 17.0+ million higher education students enrolled are taking at least one course online. And this figure is on the rise” (Online Education — the Advantages of Online Degrees). Online education attracts everybody because of the convenience it provides to all irrespective of age, gender, intellectual level or location. It is possible for online learners to attend the classes anywhere and anytime they want. A person staying in India can attain an online degree from America easily because of the advancements in online educations at present. Some of the reputed academic qualifications in the past became meaningless at present because of the changes happening in the higher educational sector. A doctor with an MBBS qualification was highly respected in hospitals earlier; hover at present along with MBBS degree, a doctor needs higher qualifications like MD, MS etc to get good recognitions in his profession. However, the expenses needed to study for higher degrees like MD, MS etc are too much at present and many of the brilliant students finding difficult ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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