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Education opens a new vista of life and provides the platform to enquire, improvise and exercise the knowledge gathered into the practical field. Early Childhood Education is a genre of academics which is connected with the field of education and according to the definition rendered by NAYEC…
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Your education goals
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Admission Essay Education opens a new vista of life and provides the platform to enquire, improvise and exercise the knowledge gathered into the practical field. Early Childhood Education is a genre of academics which is connected with the field of education and according to the definition rendered by NAYEC or the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the Early Childhood Education caters the knowledge about the methodology of teaching, handling and understanding the delicate mind set of the children from their birth to the age of eight. This tenure evidently indicates that this field of study focuses on the subtle difference and effect of the first initiation of the exterior environment on the delicate psychology of a child. Therefore, this genre of education needs the fineness or expertise on myriad intricate insights of the field of study which can be attained beyond the limited captivation of the education pertaining to the subject provided at a major level. In the recent time, it is observed that the exercise of the knowledge gained from the Early Child Education is implemented from the time a baby takes birth to the time it goes to school. In other words, it gets exposed to the external environment for the first time. The second transitory phase in human life, after coming out from the womb of his mother, is important and at this juncture, the process of the cognitive development initiates with exposing and exploring into the alien word. At this time, the proper education can not only guide the child to a better and healthy cognitive life but would also help to construct a better society and individual future. Here lies the objective of attaining higher study in this field. The limited study of the major in this discipline will not give that wide platform or space on which the subject can be viewed and perceived from a wider vision contextualising and relating it to the society, nation and world. The higher education in the field will enable to improvise and implement the aspect of the study related with social, physical, intellectual, emotional and creative faculty. The detailed study which is possible through attainment of higher education in the field would enable to attach with the children in better way and would enable to construct a fine and healthy world around them where they will get enough space to express and explore their imagination. The route map to emotional and social development can be culminated only through detailed introspection into the field of study which can be attained at master’s level. The pursuit of the higher education in the field is not only for a comprehensive, coherent and complete knowledge of the subject but also for serving the nation, community and society in a better way. The rates of crimes in children are increasing and the future of the world lies in the hands of today’s children so it is also very important to build a better and healthy present for them which is only possible through a thorough, updated and comprehensive knowledge in Early Child Education. Bibliography Montclair State University, “Admissions Essay—Assessment Rating Sheet”. February 23, 2010. Advanced Programs for Educators. No Date. Read More
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