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What Can Be Learned From Self-Assessment Inventory - Coursework Example

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The author of the paper "What Can Be Learned From Self-Assessment Inventory" states that the self-assessment tests he has undertaken gave the author a more illuminated view of his own personal strengths and weaknesses and the kind of learning styles he prefers. …
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What Can Be Learned From Self-Assessment Inventory
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Extract of sample "What Can Be Learned From Self-Assessment Inventory"

Download file to see previous pages I have always been an advocate of lifelong learning.  I am exhilarated by the fact that though I am already an adult, I remain to be a student of life.  I get to apply the concepts and skills I have gained in my personal and professional life, which makes the learning more valuable for me.  When my applications work out in my favor, then I become grateful for my learning and am encouraged to learn some more.

With learning should come reflection. According to Osterman (1990), “reflection is the essential part of the learning process because it results in making sense of or extracting meaning from the experience”. One should not just go through life as if everything comes as second nature. We need to think critically if what we are doing is truly meaningful and relevant or if we are just wasting our time on something insignificant.

I constantly seek knowledge through work activities, workshops, lectures, various experiences, mentoring and training. Making sense of problems and searching for patterns to figure out solutions are completed by reviewing feedback I gather not only from research but from people around me. When I am deep in thought, I reflect on the tools I have – my ideas, opinions, experiences – everything from my own perspective, and try to identify the thinking processes I engaged in. If I allow myself to be analytical, I would put my personal perspectives on an objective frame of mind and critique it, rotate the ideas in my head inside-out to see if there are strong possibilities for solutions. I might even find new information there when some old ideas are merged. I try to also become an instrument of learning for others when I share my experiences with them. I cannot see myself teaching them, as I know I have still a lot to learn, however when I share my experiences, I know they learn from me too.

Now that I had to live independently away from the accessible guidance and support of my parents, I learned to care for my needs and to overcome challenges along the way.  My analytical skills have been basic and straightforward.  Usually, when I encounter a problem, I ask the simplest and most predictable questions - When and where did the problem happen?  What are the reasons for the problem? Who is involved in this problem?  I attempt to solve the problem right away before it becomes more complicated.  However, when it does and I still have not solved it, then I turn to solutions from other people or from research.

When I encounter a problem, I write down the scenario using keywords.  This helps me create an image of the problem to work on.  Then, it serves as a guide in my search and collection of information regarding the problem at hand.  When I have gathered enough possible solutions, then I create an action plan to solve the problem.
Initially, I do not see the big picture.  I have a tendency to focus on providing solutions right away and need to spend more time seeing how it affects everything else.  However, in hindsight, I get to see all the details.  Indeed, it is usually clearer when everything is over and done with. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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