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Week-long Thematic Unit - Research Paper Example

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According to Max (1997), thematic instruction refers to the organization of a course around large-scale "themes". Thematic teaching integrates fundamental disciplines like math, reading, as well as science, with the study of a wide-ranging subject…
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Week-long Thematic Unit
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Extract of sample "Week-long Thematic Unit"

Download file to see previous pages This unit is to enlighten English Language Learners on pumpkins through books, exploring pumpkins, as well as school field trips. The learners will begin by going through a manuscript on the life cycle of a pumpkin along with filling out a KWL chart on each and every thing they know concerning pumpkins (Harada, & Yoshina, 2003). Then, the class will discuss vocabulary, as well as what words they need to know when explaining and making maps. During the course, they will be informed that they are going to go on a field trip to Bonny Brook farmhouse. Prior to the trip, they need to sketch a map or plot of finding the best likely way to arrive at the pumpkin patch so as to find their pumpkins (Baker, Cooley & Pingel, 2002). Then, after they collect their pumpkins and the class gets back to school, they will inspect the pumpkins through estimating and measuring aspects of the pumpkin. After that the class will read an informational manuscript about pumpkins. To conclude the pumpkin course as a class, we will compose a picture book, which characterizes the pumpkins and each and every thing they learned about pumpkins. This "Pumpkin Science" plan will lesson gives students who learn English as a Second Language a background of how to grow plants. It also grants them a practice in predicting and estimating outcomes. Component Sections of this Thematic Unit 1. Subject. The paper will select an appropriate subject that reflects on text topics, student experiences, interests, problems or issues. 2. Grade Level Correctness 3. Focal Point. Here students will be asked to develop a one-sentence focus statement, which summarizes the intent and direction of the unit. 4. Objectives. This section will identify three or four aims the educator wishes the students would understand by the end of the unit (Max, 1997). These can be limited to county or state competencies and objectives. 5. Resources and Materials. It is beneficial to establish all the crucial resources and materials after the unit has been developed. The way, the educator will avoid limiting him/herself to a few recognizable items. a) Printed Resources. pamphlets, newspapers, notices, junk mail, travel guides, journals, letters, diaries, maps, brochures, advertisements, flyers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, magazines, professional journals, booklets. b) Computer along with CD-ROM Materials. Reference works, educational software, simulations and educational games associated with curriculum, and CD-ROM variations of writing. c) Internet Resources. d) Visual/Audio Resources. Videos, filmstrips, films, movies, overhead transparencies or slide programs. Audio tapes, records, tapes and books, and CD’s. e) Community Resources: 1. Motivational speakers 2. School field trips f) Instructional Television Resources: 1. Cable 2. ETV g) Literature Resources: 1. poetry 2. Non-fiction 3. Fiction 6. General Activities. This section will establish activities that the educator wishes to use all through the unit. For a majority of the unit, these activities will be mixed, incorporating the range of curricular fields, as well as reflecting elements of a literature-related program. 7. Discussion Questions. This section of the lesson will include an array of open-ended questions, which help students mull over the topic in a divergent and varied manner. 8. Literature Selections. See Resources and Materials above. This section will select books associated with the topic of each thematic unit. For literature selection, the lesson plan will develop a pre-reading activity, a range of cross-curricular education activities, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Week-long Thematic Unit Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words. Retrieved from
(Week-Long Thematic Unit Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Week-Long Thematic Unit Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
“Week-Long Thematic Unit Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words”, n.d.
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