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This paper is aimed at providing deep analysis of improving social mobility as a proposed UK Education Policy. Social mobility is associated with the individuals belonging to the disadvantaged backgrounds who are striving for a better life style…
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UK Education Policy
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Download file to see previous pages In the long run this is assumed to have a great impact over the larger proportion of the population which will lower down the economic development of the country. Overview of the Problem Initially there was a strong emphasis in the United Kingdom over the attainment of post compulsory qualification i.e. continuing education after 16. But the trends of 2009 have shown that only 80% of the overall population which is above 16 years of age is having full time education. It is not the case that UK has stopped its progress in the field of education however the much stronger efforts made by other countries have put United Kingdom in to a much competitive market. Apart from this the percentage of the younger generation who comes under NEET (not in education, employment or training) has significantly increased in the last few years which have a deep relationship of the skill development of students under 16. It is also noticed that students who have the opportunity of gaining basic education are not availing it to its fullest. Students at the age of 16 or below are having lower grades and poor performance over the examinations. It is a fact that the UK organizations give higher wages and salaries to their employees for very basic and essential skills as compared to the other countries in OEDC. This clearly reflects that UK does not have exceptionally skilled workers and that they do not have choice other than to appoint them. United Kingdom has a greater proportion of unqualified and unskilled individuals as compared to its significant competitors for instance, 60% population of Germany has the intermediate education whereas UK have only 48%. Similarly another major competitor of UK such as Canada has 49% of high...
This paper approves that the Education Maintenance Allowance came up with an incentive plan in order to encourage the disadvantaged students from poor family backgrounds. The plan constituted of giving a substantial amount to the students who are willing to carry on with their studies beyond the age of 16. This has significantly increased the number of students applying for higher education. The social mobility is very closely affiliated with the development and upbringing of a child. The interferences made in child development are sometimes made to be more effective on the cognitive achievement or it becomes an unavoidable requirement in order to be successful in the later life. The early cognitive development is important for the future academics of a child but the study shows that there other interventions as well which encourages or discourages a student to enroll in full-time education after crossing the age of 16 though their abilities still have an effect over their social mobility.
This essay makes a conclusion that The socio economic differences among the population are mainly because of inequality at the school level and the educational attainment which further leads to noteworthy differences in choice of studying after 16. This can be controlled by establishing the same academic structure throughout the country with similar expenses and rewards so that the inequality on the basis of education can be eradicated. In addition to this the social mobility can also be improved by the individual participation at the school level for this the teachers would have to inspire students to some celebrity or social model in order to realize them the ultimate outcomes of good education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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