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Is Inclusion a failed ideology - Essay Example

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Is inclusion a failed Ideology? (Name) (Institution) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction Education as a right should be accorded to every child in the world irrespective of its needs. Those that require Special Education Needs (SEN) are also entitled to normal education like other pupils without disabilities…
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Is Inclusion a failed ideology
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Extract of sample "Is Inclusion a failed ideology"

Download file to see previous pages Teachers must have enough training such that they can teach children with disabilities without any problems. On the other hand, parents must work hand in hand, with teachers to ensure the smooth learning of their children (Gray and MacBlain 2012). However, according to a report released by the House of Commons education and skills committee, the government’s policy of inclusion has been criticised for its confused and unclear definition of special schools. This has forced some children into wrong mainstream schools, something that result into distress for both children and their parents. According to the report, the government should concentrate on not just putting up special schools, but how the whole system should have high quality and well resourced to meet the needs of every student. While the world is advancing and normal people continue to enjoy education and other facilities at their disposal, disabled youth are left behind. Norwich 2008 argues that this is not only socially wrong but also ethically inappropriate. Including students with disabilities in our education system where they will get their special needs, in addition to what their able, peers are getting is a big step towards achieving the aim of better education for all (Atkinson and Claxton 2000) With reference to Sage (2004), many people have never been able to differentiate between mainstreaming and integration from inclusion. Mainstreaming tries to bring people with disabilities to regular classrooms so that they can grow with their peers without giving them support. Conversely, integration gives these disabled pupils a part time interaction with their peer, and this denies those students an opportunity of feeling that, they are members of that class. Never the less, inclusion gives equitable education and training opportunities for all young people. This help to prepare all young people to a productive life ahead. Therefore, those who have various disabilities can be able to live their lives to the fullest (Wilkinson and Ahmed 2007). Special Education Needs (SEP) are the principles that govern sustainable inclusion, and outline several practices that various shareholders are required to do to ensure that the project succeed. Norwich 2008 argues that, if inclusion is to be successful, early intervention and involvement of children is required. Many parents don’t give their children time to develop among their peers. Schools do not have special facilities to cater for the needs of these children. Later in life when these young people are introduced in the normal classrooms at their secondary or more advanced stage, they cannot co-exist with other children. This limits the effectiveness of inclusion (Byers and Rose 2004). Is Inclusion A Failed Ideology? The idea of having inclusion in the education system was a smart move and although this idea has not been fully realized. For example, a study conducted by Blazzard 2011, evidenced that some teachers displayed negative attitudes towards pupils with special needs. This, according to Blazzard, affected school’s commitment to commitment. In addition, parental resistance to inclusion, lack of funding, training and resources were also among the identified barriers. However, students with disabilities are likely to have high self-esteem when they attend classes with other student than when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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