School District Comparison Report: Corpus Christi ISD vs. United ISD - Research Paper Example

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School District Comparison Report: Corpus Christi ISD vs. United ISD Table of Contents Index Page Introduction 3 Objective 3 Scope 3 School District Description 4 Student Population 4 Teacher’s Salary 8 Taxes 10 Revenue 13 Expenditure 14 Summary of Finance 20 Introduction The purpose of a report is to convey information of a research and analysis of data or issues…
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School District Comparison Report: Corpus Christi ISD vs. United ISD
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Download file to see previous pages This should enable the reader makes own decision using provided data. Objective The main purpose of this report is to establish a comparative study between two Independent School Districts in the following areas: Student population Teachers salaries Property taxes and values Revenues Total expenditures Summary of finances. Scope This is an information type report. Information report provides verbatim content (information). Comparison of stated above information about these two school districts will be presented without drawing conclusion or providing any recommendation. Data for compiling the report are obtained from a public domain (Academic Excellence Indicator System). Data are grouped in tubular and graphical forms per areas mentioned in the objective section. Comparison of data if necessary is described in text forms. The following structure is adopted for this report: Student population, By school grade By ethnicity By social status Teachers’ salaries, By years of experience With respect other school staffs Property taxes and values, Adopted tax rates Tax value by category Revenue information, From all sources Expenditure information, By object By program By function , and Summary of finances. ...
United ISD (UISD) is located in the city of Laredo of Texas and was established in a 1961. District serves about 42,000 students at 42 campuses within 2,844 square miles. Out of 42 campuses; 26 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 6 high schools. Total employees of the school district are close to 6,000, and 2011 – 2012 annual budget was $ 367 million (United Independent School District)). Student population Student populations for both districts shown below are categorized by school grade, by ethnicity, and by social status. Student population by school grade Total student counts for the Corpus Christi ISD is 38,242. Total student counts for the United ISD is 41,709. Grades for both school districts are categorized according to; Early childhood education Pre-kindergarten Kindergarten Grade 1 – Grade 12 Corpus Christi ISD (38,242 total) United ISD (41,709 total) Grade classification Student population Percentage to the total (%) Student population Percentage to the total (%) Early childhood 76 0.2 43 0.1 Pre-kindergarten 1,320 3.5 1,999 4.6 Kindergarten 2,938 7.7 2,957 7.1 Grade 1 3,144 8.2 3.216 7.7 Grade 2 2,979 7.8 3,317 7.5 Grade 3 3,128 8.2 3,225 7.7 Grade 4 3,129 8.2 3,197 7.7 Grade 5 3,039 7.9 3,141 7.5 Grade 6 2,841 7.4 3,191 7.7 Grade 7 2,765 7.2 3,111 7.5 Grade 8 2,769 7.2 3,044 7.3 Grade 9 2,840 7.4 3,305 7.9 Grade 10 2,606 6.8 2,988 7.2 Grade 11 2,376 6.2 2,786 6.7 Grade 12 2,292 6.0 2,475 5.9 Table 1: Student population by school grade. (Source: TEA AEIS 2010 – 2011) Total student populations of these districts are distributed as: High school - Corpus Christi 26.4 %, United ISD it is 27.70 %. Middle school - ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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