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Earning degrees on-line vs. through traditional brick-and-mortar education - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This essay concerns the advantages and disadvantages of earning degrees on-line vs. through traditional brick-and-mortar education. Notably, all over the world, for centuries, traditional education has taken place in brick and mortar institutions. …
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Earning degrees on-line vs. through traditional brick-and-mortar education
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Extract of sample "Earning degrees on-line vs. through traditional brick-and-mortar education"

Download file to see previous pages On-line degrees and universities are becoming more and more common with every passing day and also more widely accepted. Previously, people were skeptical of the idea of getting educated over the World Wide Web; although they have now warmed up considerably to the idea of on-line degrees and education. Nevertheless, some people still remain wary of the concept. The debate between acquiring an education through traditional means or via the internet is quite pertinent to the current age and of immense importance because it discusses the underlying pros and cons that are inherent to each medium of education respectively. This debate also discusses how and what each medium contributes or fails to contribute to society. It is particularly pertinent to this day and age because society is making a paradigm shift from a manually operable society to a fully technologically savvy, mechanized one. With changes in the society at this level, other things at the building block level, like the provision of education, also undergo radical change as a natural part of this process.
There are some inherent differences between on-line and traditional education styles. Firstly, they differ in their scope. On-line education can be full time or supplementary. If a student is enrolled full time in an on-line institution, he/she doesn’t need to attend a traditional brick and mortar institution. However, if he/she attends a traditional brick and mortar institution and wants additional help, he/she can enroll for a supplementary course. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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