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Art in Iraqi secondary schools - Literature review Example

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Running Head: Art in Iraqi Secondary Schools Art in Iraqi Secondary Schools Art in Iraqi Secondary Schools For the growth and development of children, along with all other subjects, subjects of arts are very important to teach…
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Art in Iraqi secondary schools
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Extract of sample "Art in Iraqi secondary schools"

Download file to see previous pages Along with learning arts, they also use arts to strengthen the understanding of other subjects. The advantage of this integration is that children will not have to join extra classes and give additional fees to accomplish their passion. However, many children do not even get the opportunity to learn what interest them because their parents do not have resources to get them into arts classes. Despite the huge importance and recognition of arts globally, there exist many countries, which do not want the teaching of this subject in their secondary schools (Alias, Gray & Black, 2002, pp. 165-175). Neither have they wanted the children to learn in interdisciplinary ways. Iraq is one of those countries, which in spite of knowing the value of this subject, has removed the subject of arts from its schools. The schools in developing countries, mostly of Asia, even if have arts as subject, they are not able to deliver the true essence of arts to the students. The primary reasons behind this scenario is that teachers give arts education in theory in the primary classes and in secondary classes this education is given through elective subjects. Teachers in many schools of developing countries do not have enough knowledge of what they are teaching, if a person does not have enough knowledge, one cannot expect him to teach that subject in different ways. This happens in the schools, which do not have enough funds to hire well-educated and skilled teachers. With the limited amount of money, they can only hire teachers who have a little knowledge about the subject. This might be one of the reasons that Iraqi schools do not have arts as essential model. Lack of resources is one of the important issues that hinder the provision of arts education in developing countries. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason, mostly in Asian countries, schools use western modules of arts however, western and eastern cultures are greatly different from each other (Cacchione, Mohring & Bertin, 2012, pp.1-10). An art is something that one learns from everyday life environment. Therefore, every country should design arts module according to its own culture so that children can easily observe, express and envisage the concepts that they learn. In many countries like New Zealand, arts in the curriculum carry the equal credit as other subjects like mathematics and science. Schools implement this to meet the needs of students, as students of this era do not want to limit their learning to the theory however; they want practical examples of everything they learn. Arts enable them to practically examine every phenomenon. There are mainly four key learning areas of arts i.e. creative, perceptual and cognitive skills; Aesthetic skills; communication and expression skills; and lastly understanding of one’s culture and values. For provision of quality arts education, schools should indulge few factors in the module of arts. Firstly, relevance between subject material and one’s environment and cultural background is important for the children. As discussed above, today children need practical examples to learn in a better way (Carroll, 2011, pp. 9-25). If teachers educate students about something that they can never encounter, the learning of that subject would not be fruitful for the students. Integration of arts in the module would induce teachers to design the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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