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Challenging Behavior - Essay Example

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Topic: Challenging Behaviour Education ] Q. Analyse and critically evaluate current policies for challenging behaviour and identify the underlying theories within policy. Behaviourism emphasizes on the importance of learning and acquiring skills which are considered essential by the authorities…
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Challenging Behavior
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Extract of sample "Challenging Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy: The Special Educational Needs Policy is the backbone of the policy framework of Hampshire County Council. It serves as a key element for supporting and catering to the needs of children and adolescents between the ages of 0-19 (Hampshire County Council, 2009, p.1-9.). Main Priorities: The main priorities indicated by the policy are the formation of a safer and securer environment of Hampshire for all citizens, the enhancement of the quality of services being provided, responding effectively to the improvements the community wants, meeting the demands of the local people, and maximising well-being and prosperity in the community. SEN provisions of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act takes account for the appeal of rights of children with special educational needs to study in mainstream schools, a right for nursery education providers, educational institutes to request a statutory evaluation, and assessment of a child and achievement of substantial acts, to ensure the arrangements to provide the parents of children with SEN with services offering advice and necessary information as a means to resolve and refute disputes by enforcing LEA duties. It is a sign of popularity of the policy amongst the community that it has been revised for the period of 2009-2012. This revised policy is responsive to certain changes whilst ensuring that the local authorities fulfil the duties and responsibilities required by the SEN and Disability Act 2001, and improve its standards of quality service provided (Department of Health, 2005, p.2-24). The revised policy focuses upon the progress made by children and young people from their birth to adulthood, in pre-school settings and in schools, and the promotion of their well-being, learning, and achievements. Aims and Objectives: The policy aims to improve and maintain the quality of provision for children with special educational needs wherever it is delivered. It is also striving to recognise further that schools and supporting services collectively provide for the needs of all children in the community. Operating effective assessment systems as early as possible in conjunction and collaboration with other agencies is another objective which has to be reached. Other important aims of the policy include allocation and usage of resources effectively and equitably in an efficient manner, and to assure that partnerships and associations with children, parents/carers and other stakeholders, work effectively (Hampshire County Council, 2009, p.1-9). Mentioned above is the rationale and achievements of SEN, but the following conclusions are obtained on the critical analysis of SEN: Methods: The methodology used involves a review of the related previous literature, a thorough study of the old and revised policies of SEN, Interviews with experts on field and conduction of case studies and surveys. Findings and Recommendations: SEN System lacks in addressing the inaccessibility of the services to the parents of children with behaviour issues. The parents have to face many challenges in getting the right support for their children. The conflict amongst the local authorities and delay in services has resulted in the undermining of confidence of people. The revised policy is concentrated on the children in the Hampshire County only; the children from other areas are not receiving these privileges and the emphasis on the collaboration of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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