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Causes of autism - Essay Example

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Running head: Causes of Autism Causes of Autism Causes of Autism Autism, also referred to as complex developmental disability, is a psychological condition marked by the nervous system disorder. It involves abnormal preoccupation with oneself and characterized by the communication disorders, inability to pay attention and to treat others as people…
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Causes of autism
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Extract of sample "Causes of autism"

Download file to see previous pages Early diagnosis of autism is very important to adjust the methods of child rearing and to facilitate their social adaptation. It is believed that autism is not a mental illness, but a developmental disorder. It is thought that it cannot be cured completely, but therapy at an early stage will help the child overcome some limitations. Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man has little to do with the lives of people with autism. They usually attract attention to their unusual behavior. Our brain reacts to the stimuli and processes information through the biological process of connecting, pairing and organizing the neurons. These neurons have thread extensions through which electrical discharge travels. Neurons thus conduct these electrical impulses. Autism changes how these nerve cells function, though it is not quite known how this occurs. Since their brain cannot function properly, people affected with autism have problems in their daily life tasks including problems in interacting socially, communicating non-verbally and other activities that involve give-and-take, humor and adroitness. The clinical picture of autism: a number of psychomotor, speech and behavioral disorders, with different combinations of symptoms and signs of developmental delay. Early childhood autism can be detected at as early an age as three years. Such children are weak and have poor facial expressions. They are not capable of non-verbal interactions with their mother or other people – they do not look in your eyes, do not respond to their own name, do not take toys when someone gives them. You may have to line up their pencils before they can pay attention, or say the same phrase over and over to calm down. They may flap their arms to indicate they are happy, or hurting to show that they are not. Some people with autism never learn to speak. Most of the autistic children carry out repetitive movements for instance they rock and twirl, or they abuse their own selves by biting and head banging. Such children start talking after the normal ones and rather than calling themselves by I or me they take their name. Autistic children are not able to play with others like normal ones and some even talk in sing-song voice. They do not care for what the other person thinks or is interested in and they themselves have few favorite topics. Autistic children appear to be having an increased risk of having particular comorbid conditions, which includes fragile X syndrome (that leads to mental retardation), tuberous sclerosis (wherein tumors develop in the brain), epileptic seizures, Tourette syndrome, learning disorders and deficit disorder attention. Almost 20-30% of autistic children also develop epilepsy by the time they become adults. Although there are certain schizophrenic people who might also exhibit behavior of autism, their symptoms normally are not visible till almost adulthood is reached. A lot of schizophrenic people may also be having hallucinations and delusions that is not a sign of autism. As the child grows, the symptoms of autism increase. He falls into the strong disorder due to the change in the familiar environment, loud noises, bright lights or strong odors. Worst of all, the child feels alone and avoids any physical contact with parents and peers. Emotional reciprocity and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...? ESSAY/REPORT BY Introduction The uniqueness of autism overshadows all other developmental orders. First, unlike a number of other developmental disorders such as mental retardation, deafness, blindness, and many others, autism does not have any apparent biological reason. Without a concrete evidence, the diagnosis of and prognosis for autism is full with doubt. This vagueness makes it very hard for parents to accept the child’s condition. Second, parents of children with autism are frequently deprived of various essential rewards for parenthood because the disorder is characterized by difficulties with social interaction, such as developing attachments and showing...
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...that Autism has a huge genetic basis, though the genetics of autism are multifaceted and it is uncertain whether ASD is clarified more by atypical mutations, or by unusual amalgamation of universal genetic variants. In extraordinary cases, autism is heavily associated with agent which causes birth defects. Controversies encloses other projected environmental causes, which include pesticides, heavy metals and childhood vaccination, the vaccine theory are organically improbable and lack persuasive scientific proof (Forbes, 2006). The extend of autism is approximately about 1–2 per 1,000 populace worldwide, and the CDC (Centers for Disease...
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...than female children ((Erickson & Stigler, 2005). In the United States, an estimated 1 in 252 girls and 1 in 54 boys are diagnosed with autism. ASD impacts over 2 million people in the United States and hundreds of millions in the world. In addition, the government statistics in autism shows that the rate of prevalence has increased to 17 percent from 10 percent annually in the most recent years. However, there is no particular explanation for the rapid increase although environmental influences and improved diagnosis have been considered in the recent past (Koegel & Koegel, 2006). The same studies have been exploring what could be the cause of autism among boys and...
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...of the disorder lead many parents to believe that they were at fault” (History, 2005). Autism is the most prevalent developmental disorder affecting one in every 166 children (“How Common?” 2006). Symptoms of the disorder can be generally described as the incapability to adequately interact socially along with a disinterested demeanor. It is an abnormality in the structure of the brain caused by genetic predispositions or from damage occurring during the development phase (Bryson & Smith, 1998). Children afflicted with fetal alcohol syndrome, those infected with rubella while in the womb and those whose mother took drugs known to cause damage to the fetus show symptoms of...
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...Autism Angelica Pierce PSY 5410 David Horner November 20, of the Rockies Autism is one of the serious genetic diseases which create problems in social interactions, language learning and behaviours etc. More than 90% of the causes of autism are related to genetics or heredity. Even though, medical science has advanced a lot, so far no effective medicines or treatment options were developed to tackle autism. Autistic patients may exhibit extra ordinary skills in some areas of learning whereas they may lack skills in other areas. Even though, many genetic factors are suspected as the major causes of autism, some...
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...found out. I had told my mother that I had noticed I was different from other kids. That is when she explained I suffered from autism that caused those differences. Q: How does the condition affect you personally? Joyce: I have hypersensitive hearing, an issue related to autism. Sudden loud noises bother me, such as whistles and barking dogs. James: I have trouble organizing things. Also, I am usually absent-minded and often misplace my belongings, then spend a lot of time searching for the items. Q: Which autism symptoms did you experience when younger? Joyce: The autism symptoms faced by young children are not that different from those suffered by...
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