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Adaptive learning for ESL based on computation - Research Paper Example

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The article uses the pretest and posttest increase in scores to determine the adaptive learning sequence that accommodate a variety of individual difference with optimal results. It also gives an empirical study on validation of adaptive learning sequence that was conducted. …
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Adaptive learning for ESL based on computation
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"Adaptive learning for ESL based on computation"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that in English as a second language class-based learning, individual students have diverse learning needs. Therefore there is need for such students to be given considerations while teaching by not just following the fixed learning sequences and contents. The diversity that exist within and between classes calls for provision of learning content basing on preference and the background of the students in order to achieve maximum performance. The authors perceive that English language learning (ELLS) should adopt an adaptive learning sequence approach in order to enhance the outcome in a situation of varied individual difference. This way, a learning profile is used. Learning profile defines one’s motivation, engagement and cognitive processing habits showing the distinctive and habitual ways through which learners fully utilize the instructional content in a learning environment. The authors propose a design and a form of evaluating an adaptive educational system in which cognitive styles that constitute an important factor to be considered with respect to adaptive learning. It is critical, given the complex nature of learning English language to use content material with a different learning difference in order to lodge diverse learning profile. It is of great importance to match the content with learning profile to avoid impeding of the learning process those results from mismatching (Ya-huei & Hung-Chang , 2011). The authors support their argument with a research data on the use of adaptive and teaching strategies to facilitate teaching-learning of English as a second language in a learning situation. Adaptive learning systems make teachers to adapt the use of instructions to individual style of learning and preferences of the students (Ya-huei & Hung-Chang , 2011). The adaptive education system that is implemented in the background of computer mediated lessons is referred to as intelligent tutorial system. This with dynamism uses the e learning content, the educational representation and human-computer interface to the objective, needs and first choice of human being users for effective lessons and knowledge. The research took into account aspects such as personality and cognitive style to determine whether there is a correlation between learning profile and ability, teaching atmosphere and classroom learning (Ya-huei & Hung-Chang , 2011). A proposed design and formative assessment of an adaptive learning system in which it is mainly constituted of cognitive styles was considered with respect to adaptive learning. The field independent and field independent are the dimensions extensively used. This enable for obtaining of stable patterns on how individuals encode, perceive, think and process information. The research shows effect of field-dependence and independence on the learning process facilitation and the outcome(Ya-huei & Hung-Chang , 2011). According to the author, there is high interaction between field dimensions and the methods of instruction in English as a second language learning situation. Individual difference that are based on the field –dependent or field independent dimensions are proposed as the necessary key consideration while designing the instructional skeleton and the instructional setting (Ya-huei & Hun ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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