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Banning packed lunches - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Course Date Banning Packed Lunches Serving children with proper nutrition is an important role that parents must do. Regardless of their work or other preoccupations in life, parents should always ensure that their kids are receiving the nutrition they need…
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Banning packed lunches
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Extract of sample "Banning packed lunches"

Download file to see previous pages According to the article on the website of Mother Nature Network (MNN) which first appeared on April 12 this year, the principal of Little Village Academy in Chicago has made a move to ban packed lunches after seeing kids drinking soda and eating junk foods for their lunch. Considering different factors, this initiative by Carmona may be applauded by other school officials who in turn could implement the same policy. Carmona’s observation of children carrying unhealthy foods and beverages is true. It happens in every school, regardless of the children’s economic status. In fact, it is even true at homes. Many parents nowadays allow their kids to eat whatever they like, without thinking of nutritional value simply because they are not home to see what their children are eating, and they themselves have become engrossed with the fastfood nation. The practice of eating processed foods has become a tradition. Many families rely on cooking processed meat in order to save time and energy. However, this practice should be stopped right away in order to ensure the health and safety of our young children. At home, parents should monitor what the kids are eating and teach them to take in only those foods which promote good health. Being the second home, schools should take the initiative to care for children and implement the rule made by Carmona. The moment the parents send their kids to school, they are already delegating the responsibility of taking care of their child to school authorities. This means giving full trust to the principal and teachers to decide for the good of the child. Ensuring that children receive the proper daily nutrition they need is one very important aspect of taking care of children. Such role should be ensured in order to secure children’s future. Considering this, Carmona’s move should be implemented in all schools, hence it is high time for school authorities to consider reviewing the said rule. Carmona’s regulation is nothing new. In fact, it is just a response to the state-wide call for health and nutrition. Many nutrition plans have been made beforehand but they still seem to be inadequate especially when it comes to implementation. For instance, according to the website of the Department of Agriculture, the office, with its program called National School Lunch Program, reimburses students’ meals with nutritious after-school meals such as whole wheat bread, meat, milk, and so on. However, this intervention is not preventive of obesity or eating unhealthy foods. According to the Troiano and Flegal (82), the rate of obesity cases among adolescents progressively rises because of eating junk foods. On this note, parents should be alarmed and do their best to teach their kids how to eat healthy foods. However, instead of promoting healthy eating, parents are the ones who tolerate and teach their kids to eat unhealthy foods by preparing fancy lunches such as nachos, desserts, packed with soda or other energy drinks. Recognizing the current problem, Principal Carmona is doing a good job, imposing the banning of packed lunches. If parents cannot satisfy the nutritional needs of their children, this is their chance to give nutritious food without too much effort. With a small amount, kids can take advantage of healthy snacks and lunches composed of fresh fruit, drinks, and potatoes. Served at the school canteen, parents can also be assured that the foods are prepared carefully. Nutrition is also ensured as school officials themselves monitor what the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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