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Public Education versus Private Education: An Annotated Bibliography - Research Paper Example

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Education Working Paper Archive (2008): 1-55. Print. Anand, Mizala, and Repetto examine if providing vouchers for low-income students in Chile would have an impact on their academic achievement…
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Public Education versus Private Education: An Annotated Bibliography
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Extract of sample "Public Education versus Private Education: An Annotated Bibliography"

Download file to see previous pages Print. Anand, Mizala, and Repetto examine if providing vouchers for low-income students in Chile would have an impact on their academic achievement. They used the standardized test called the SIMCE (Educational Quality Measurement System). Their study included the 2002 SIMCE data, where tests are provided to fourth graders. Findings show that students in fee-charging private voucher schools had slightly higher scores than students in public schools. The difference in standardized test scores accounted for 10 points, a test score gain of 0.2 standard deviations. Furthermore, there was no difference in the academic achievement of students in the private voucher-fee charging treatment group and students in free private voucher schools. This study shows that low-income students had better performance in private schools than their counterparts in public schools. It will be added to the part of the paper, where I discuss World Comparative Studies. Since it is set in Chile, it provides a different perspective than studies done in the U.S. Aslam, Monazza. “The Relative Effectiveness of Government and Private Schools in Pakistan: Are Girls Worse Off?” Education Economics 17.3 (2009): 329-354. Print. Aslam wants to know if Pakistani households spend less on girls through differential school-kind enrollment and if this has implications for the quality of education received by Pakistani women. She used the Pakistan Integrated Household Survey and conducted a school-based survey in Lahore district in Punjab province, Pakistan from 2002 to 2003 to answer her research questions. Findings show that boys are sent more to private schools than girls. Private schools, she assessed, provide better quality education, in terms of mathematics and literacy. She concludes that girls are in the losing team, when household expenditures and quality of schooling are considered. This study is important to Women Studies. It shows the grave disparity in academic performance and access to education between female and male students, because of gender and cultural factors. Bandyopadhyay, Madhumita and Ramya Subrahmanian. “Gender Equity in Education: A Review of Trends and Factors.” CREATE Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 18 (2008). United Kingdom: UK Department for International Development (DFID). Print. Bandyopadhya and Subrahmanian assess the rate of participation of children in elementary education in India, with concentration on the aspect of gender equity. Their findings matched Aslam's study. Bandyopadhya and Subrahmanian observe that girls are sent more to government schools that are perceived as lower quality, while boys are sent more to private schools. Girls also drop out at higher rates and perform more poorly in these public schools than boys in private schools, because of poor gender mainstreaming practices that provide to female needs and concerns, such as security and restroom facilities. Bandyopadhya and Subrahmanian blame the Indian government for its lack of political power in addressing gender gaps in access to quality education. This article is also considered part of Women's Studies. It underscores the importance of culture and government intervention in providing quality public education. Culture affects school-type preferences of households and how women and men “should be” educated. Braunstein, Elissa. “The Feminist Political Economy of the Rent-Seeking Society: An Investigation of Gender Inequality and Economic Growth.” Journal of Economic Issues (Association for Evolutionary Economics) 42.4 (2008): 959-979. Print. Braunstein uses neoclassical growth literature to show that gender equity impacts economic growth. Her article shows that gender equity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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