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Online trust in Singapore context - Assignment Example

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The table below shows spearman correlation analysis for question 6 between “privacy policies for your personal details” and “security policies for your personal details” where the rows represent the items that make one trust an online store and the columns represent the…
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Online trust in Singapore context
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Extract of sample "Online trust in Singapore context"

Download file to see previous pages 8 (a). The table below shows Spearman correlation analysis between “good product guarantees” and “products arrive in good condition”, where the rows represent the respondents’ opinions in good services and the columns represent the frequencies of the respondents structured answers in relation to the opinions.
8 (b). The table below represents spearman correlation analysis between “security information explained” and “safety of credits cards guaranteed”, where the rows represent the respondents’ opinions in good services and the columns represent the frequencies of the respondents structured answers in relation to the opinions.
8 (c). The table above shows spearman’s correlation between “uses of personal details explained” and “personal details kept confidential” where the rows represent the respondents’ opinions in good services and the columns represent the frequencies of the respondents structured answers in relation to the opinions.
The 8 (eight) tables above are frequency tables that represent various variables analysed in question 10 of the survey. The variables are ‘Agree’, ‘Number of respondents’, ‘Disagree’, ‘Not sure’, ‘Strongly Agree’, ‘Strongly Disagree’, ‘skipped’ and ‘Total number of Respondents’.
10. The table below shows Spearman correlation between, “Whether the website looks and works generally the same as other online stores” and “The whole website experience is normal and without any unexpected situations (e.g. the appearance of pop up ads)” where the rows represent the respondents opinions as regards their trust in an online store and the columns represent the extents and frequencies of the respondents structured answers in relation to their reasoned levels of trust.
12 (a). The table below shows Spearman correlation between “presence of forums in the online store for you to check and discuss issues with other customers’’ and “if users post incorrect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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