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Websites design and outlook are as important as the content on the page. The three websites that are chosen for this assignment are related to the some of the famous poets and historians. The first website is about Edwin Arlington Robinson…
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Edwin Arlington Robinson, Carl Sandburg, Gertrude Stein. Website Review
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Extract of sample "Edwin Arlington Robinson, Carl Sandburg, Gertrude Stein. Website Review"

Website Review Websites design and outlook are as important as the content on the page. The three websites that are chosen for this assignment arerelated to the some of the famous poets and historians. These people are
1. Edwin Arlington Robinson
2. Carl Sandburg
3. Gertrude Stein
The first website is about Edwin Arlington Robinson which can be found at In the website, Edward Arlington Robinson has been discussed in detail. The website talks about different events that took place in his life and where he came from, his achievements. The main focus is on his work. For example, his poem Miniver Cheevy has been described as his greatest comic characters but talks about very serious problems for the main character. Another one of his poems Richard Cory is also describes as his finest work; the structure is simple yet classic. The rhymes are set on a basic pattern. Cory has been described as the pinnacle of human establishment, but in one stanza of the poem the true tragedy behind the character is revealed. The poem is focusing on the difference between a personality of an individual and the appearance. His poem proves the saying of not judging a book by its cover.
The website starts with a picture of him, the initial things about his life have been mentioned in bullet points, in my opinion it is user friendly because it is easily readable. The color scheme used by the designers, on the other hand, is very dark and the two tones can reflect off the screen.

The second website is about Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) and can be found at The website starts to talk about his past and where he came from. His first major collection of poems appeared in 1916. From then on the website concentrates on each of his works individually. In the end, there is a list of his works in bullet points. He was not only a poet but also a writer, who wrote books like The People, Yes. The concepts in the mind of Sandburg were great; they were for the everyday people who were simple, but not in their thoughts. He also wrote a few folksongs, which were published in 1927 and later another few songs in 1950.
The format of the website itself is very simple and basic, with no extra designs or links. It is more informative. The authors can be easily located because of the alphabetic order searching links available next to the information. There are no colorful designs or graphics on the website. Although the information is presented in paragraphs, they are still not very difficult to read.

The third website is about Gertrude Stein and can be found at The main page only mentions Steins major works. There are few links at the end of the page that you can follow. These are: The Gertrude Stein Webpage; Biographical Sketch; An Interview with Gertrude Stein; Gertrude Stein on Line. On the interview with Stein, the questions asked were open ended and his thoughts about literature and poems. Another link that I followed from the main page was that of the webpage. This page concentrated on a memorial for Stein. There were a few pictures of Stein; the graphics on this page were more evident than on the last two pages. The picture quality was very high, considering how old the pictures must have been. The font size was bigger than the rest of the pages.
Stein would always be remembered for the critical assessment she gave for art and literature. Her works were to such that we can still be influenced by them. Once having read Steins work, you can never forget it. Stein is such a writer.

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