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The Development of Fashion Design in Twenty Century - Research Paper Example

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The paper discovers The Development of Fashion Design in Twenty Century. Fashion involves a popular practice or style such as footwear, clothing, make-up accessories, furniture, and body piercing. It is a habitual and distinctive trend in the style that a person wears…
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The Development of Fashion Design in Twenty Century
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Extract of sample "The Development of Fashion Design in Twenty Century"

Download file to see previous pages The paper "The Development of Fashion Design in Twenty Century" explores the 20th-century fashion design development. The development of fashion design involves the development of the industry of fashion that is responsible in designing accessories and clothing. This industry was depended on fashion houses and firms that are governed by specific designers. This industry started in the 19th century by one designer who had his label sewn in the created garments (Whitten 15). Starting from trees, and leaves to what people experience now in fashion world, the history of fashion design was influenced by many factors changing over to the twenty century. In attempts to unravel the historical trends in fashion and design, this paper explores the development of Fashion Design in the Twenty Century. The design started by the dress maker to the Queen of France who could be described to have started the fashion transition from some few dress makers to fine designers with a highly valued profile. This was referred to as the fashion minister as a sarcasm since she established one shop around Paris with a collection that was greatly influenced by the Parisian style. This trend continued up to when the trend was altered by the revolution of the French that made the renowned designer to flee to exile in London. In whatever appears like the modern sense, Charles Frederick from Paris has been reported as the first designer, who had a huge business that employed different anonymous seamstresses, and tailors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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