Colors as healing art for healthcare facilities interior design - Research Paper Example

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On the same point, it is worth noting that colours serve numerous purposes for instance lifting the spirit of an individual if selected appropriately for interior design purposes. Notably, in the…
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Colors as healing art for healthcare facilities interior design
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Colours Introduction Evidently, it is clear that colours play a huge role in the lives of an individual. On the same point, it is worth noting that colours serve numerous purposes for instance lifting the spirit of an individual if selected appropriately for interior design purposes. Notably, in the setting of a healthcare facility it is mandatory to select colours that are friendly to the patient and serve to lift the spirits of the patients towards recovery.
Essentially, some colours that can be included in the interior design are for example blue, white among others. On the same note, blue is appropriate since it signifies tranquillity and therefore provide a conducive environment for stress related ailments. Moreover, it is worth noting that white if blended with other less intense colours for instance dark green may serve to create a lively environment for the patients to recover. On the contrary, patients may react differently towards different colours. On the same point, bright white colours in the interior of a healthcare facility my affect people with vision problems thus should be avoided at all cost. Furthermore, colours such as red are fierce, in other words, are used in danger signs thus they create a tense environment which is not required in the hospital setting.
In summation, the colour adopted in this particular setting serves to improve the health of patients through creating a conducive environment for their recovery. To this end, the choice of colours is important in promotion of health and therefore, should be chosen appropriately.
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