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How Stuff Works - Research Paper Example

Immediately after the manual manuscripts were faced off in 1929, the use of punch cards came into existence, and this led to the development of impact character printers like the dot matrix. However, due to the technological revolution, better shaped printer known as Xerox was invented by Chester Carlson in the year 1938. This invention created provisions to the development of the modern lesser printer that are otherwise considered as the latest sophisticated type of printers in the current market. By 1953, Remington Rand facilitated the development of a propounded dot-matrix type of printer, which was found to be more compatible with UNIVAC type of the computer system. However, this was seconded by IBM, who carried out modification to this development (How stuff works, 2013). Later by the year 1971, Xerox engineer Garry brought the use of paper copping technology, by introducing beams to the already existing printing technology. From that duration onwards, many printer designs were now in existence until 1977 when the first original 9700 PARC EARS was customized to allow for paper customization such as formats, sizes and page layouts. During such time, very minimal changes took place with much development on the paper work rather than the printing technology. Conversely, by 1984, one of the most popular companies Hewlett Packard came up with a much modified lesser printer termed as 300dpi, and this did not take long before Apple followed suit. The innovation and invention became a common

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DIY DIY is an abbreviation for “Do It Yourself”. It is a term that describes building; modifying, repairing or creating something without the aid of professional help. It refers to self-help and building objects of convenience using daily life objects and hardware that is easily available in the market.
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Why do we love and cheat
Why do we love and cheat? Love indeed is feeling that any person might have indulged at least one time in his whole life time well if one thinks why does love happen to anybody, the response to it can be vague and unrealistic. Love is a cocktail of emotions and once this lethal combo strikes a person, he only gets drowned in this without him noticing it.
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Types of automobile engines: fossil fuel, electric, and hybrid
While scientists have experimented with various ways to come up with environmentally friendly and high performance engines, the most common engines to date include fossil fuel engines, electric engines, and hybrid. The need for the invention of the latter two technologies was because of the need to incorporate energy efficient and ozone friendly cars.
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Discuss how mass production transformed architecture by focusing on either canonical works of modern architects or the works of
These changes also imply the faster and easier ways of carrying out activities, including the building of homes and the manufacturing of various products. The introduction of mass production in the building and design of homes has also brought about major changes in architecture.
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Psychoactive Drug (Marijuana)
Too much of a bad thing only increases to be a further bad thing. With drugs, especially marijuana, there comes addiction and if a cure is sought for addiction, then the person will face withdrawal, whose effects are almost as dangerous as the addiction itself. When
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Creating a Memo and Annotated Bibliography for a research topic
Since working at home eliminates overhead for an employer, theoretically that employer should be able to offer more pay to the employee. The offering of potential benefits is not something I have yet to research, but would like to
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Productivity Software Usability
There was a time when people did not have the facility of computer. Only those living in that time may know the severity of difficulty of handling documental processes without the computer. Earlier, those
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How to Refinish Hardwood Floors
1. Identify what kind of wood your floors have. Mostly oak, maple and heart pine are used in wooden floors. Some kinds are easier to refinish and some are harder. Engineered wood cannot be refinished because they are impossible to sand. You also have to consider
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Electric cars vs hybrid cars
Therefore, in order to contain the problem that is posed by global warming, there is the need to reduce the rate at which CO2 is
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tertainment industry, PR specialists experience a degree of accomplishment and excitement when their hard work leads to accessing a voguish nightclub, an opportunity to meet up with favorite celebrities or a larger turn out of the media. All the same, the PR specialists are
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issue within the society such that inkjets computers, which also part of printing technological revolution was reduced to domestic machine in homes. This has been evidenced by numerous productions of such computers by companies like cannon, Hp and the rest of other firms. Finally, the latest printing technology employs toner based printers, which uses xerographic technology where by the image is scanned by a beam of light to the photoreceptor before it is finally produced. These types of printers are known for quality printouts and promising speed in terms of production. They are also available both in a variety of shades and monochrome (How stuff works, 2013). As long as paperless technology is embraced by many in the society, printers still play vital importance in area where boarding passes are required as sign of evidence to show an indication that payment has been made. Moreover, printers play a role to the design of printouts and labels, which must be produced in hard copies before they are fastened on the respective on respective public places for maximum visibility. With respect to production of such documents, at work is necessary. In addition, some documents such as invoices and reports that require confirmatory sings of authenticity are much better when printed out as compared to use of electronic copies (How stuff works, 2013). Printers have been classified into several categories but the most common broad based categories include; lesser printers, inkjet printers and dot matrix printer. Lesser printers use a beam of laser rays with the aid of photoreceptor to produces images. The use of this technology was developed after the copier machines, which were realized to have capability of


The History and Development of Printers Name: University: The history and development of printers Coming up with a print out of documents is always the ultimate thought of anybody who uses a computer system in creating a file. Though, it may look very simple by just connecting the cables, which interlinks a computer and the printer then igniting the powers source to come up with a fully produced document at hand…
How Stuff Works
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