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History of the Hand and Wrist Fashion Accessories - Research Paper Example

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This paper concerns the evolution of such fashion accessories as wrist and handwear. The paper provides detailed information about the history and specific role of such adornments as gloves, wrist watches, bracelets, and bangles from antiquity to the present day…
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History of the Hand and Wrist Fashion Accessories
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Extract of sample "History of the Hand and Wrist Fashion Accessories"

Download file to see previous pages Since Queen Elizabeth, the women started using wristwatches on the regular basis as a fashion accessory while men wore pocket watches.T he main reason behind was that the technology of the watch was not advanced and prone to different issues, which ranged from exposure to diverse elements.  Until the mid-nineteenth century, wrist watches were manufactured and sold in the market as the bracelets for women. 
Towards the nineteenth century, this fashion accessory was also used by the military in an extensive manner. This was because it was important for them to synchronize various maneuvers during any war without revealing their movements to the enemy with the signals.  As using the pocket watch was not practical during the heat of war, so they started strapping their watches on the wrist. 
In 1893, The Garstin Company in London patented “Watch Wristlet” design that became very popular. During Boer war, the wristwatch played an important role in synchronizing and coordinating the troop movements against the highly mobile Boer insurgents. The early models of wrist watches were essentially standard pocket watches, which were fitted in the leather strap. However, with increasing demand, the manufacturers started production of specially designed wrist watches. 
Since then, with the continuous research and development in this area, wrist watches have become an indispensable accessory both for men and women.
The glove can be defined as a Middle English word which has been derived from Old English word glof. It can be broadly defined as a garment which covers the whole hand. This garment has separate openings or sheaths for the thumb as well as each finger. The gloves have a very ancient history. The first-time gloves are described in The Odyssey by Homer. In some translations, it is described that  Laertes is wearing gloves when he is walking in the garden for avoiding brambles.  The other instance of the description of gloves is, in The History of Herodotus (440 BC), where Herodotus narrates about the discovery of a glove or gauntlet, full of silver received by Leotychides as the bribe. . ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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