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Looking at Los Angeles from a Dance Perspective - Research Paper Example

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The author states that a dancing culture is categorized as one of the alternative geographies. The cultural scenarios are found in the following areas that include Los Angeles, which include Pilate training and Ballet, Butoh with Oguri, Khmer Classical Dance, andHae Kyung Lee…
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Looking at Los Angeles from a Dance Perspective
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Extract of sample "Looking at Los Angeles from a Dance Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages  Participants of the dance across disciplines manipulate spaces of their creative and innovative practices that form a network of merging societies. In the Los Angeles dancing culture, the society tends to shape their bodies, societal locations, and fashion identification and lay the basis and grounds to choreograph1 the urban relations. The culture has focused on these protocols where the professionals and amateur understand their stand as agents and creators within their community. The goal of this is to reframe the training scenarios, audience, and performance in the casting of daily practices. The role of dance and performance is to come up with civic infrastructure and position dance as one of the deliberate techniques to place urban making. Therefore, the cultural spectrum of Los Angeles comprises of centers and sites for dancing. The dancing culture is significant since is shaped the environment accordingly.
The dancing culture has come to navigate the complex and a ceremonious diversity that features the city. The dancing culture in Los Angeles is a spiritual, political, and social frameworks acting as an archive that preserves the past and looks into the future. For instance, the Pilates training has a duality perspective where the associated techniques are considered as a disciplinary project and their connection of alibi. In Los Angeles, the intimacy of Alibi is gotten from the shared understanding of the physical limits, metaphors in organizing the body.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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“Looking at Los Angeles from a Dance Perspective Research Paper”, n.d.
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