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Australia Aboriiginal Culture - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper deeply analyses Australian aboriginal culture and discusses the lives of the aboriginals from the standpoint of art, food, values, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions. More than 400 tribes of aboriginals have been classified on the basis of traditions and languages. …
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Australia Aboriiginal Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Elders in the group are obeyed and the knowledge of the Dreaming is considered the law.
The family structure of Australian aboriginals can comprise of one man and several wives with children from each wife. The status and mobility vary from group to group. Each member in the family has a certain responsibility and role, which is determined through communication and social activities. The members are bound by laws based on gender and age. Moreover, the male and female relationship is guided through the Dreaming.
The social unit in the family is a complex system which determines kinship and marriage rules. The marriage rules in different groups vary. Kinship also determines the behavior towards other kin. Moreover, kinship gives a social structure which becomes complex at a higher level. The customs and religious beliefs determine the customs, marriage laws and it varies from one Australian aboriginal group to another.
A group of forty to fifty people forms a clan, which mainly consists of extended families (Dudgeon, Garvey & Pickett, 2000). The son of the family members joins the groups and often, these groups own a territory. The hordes or bands are responsible for hunting and food gathering and the hordes belong to one clan, a totemic group or a skin name.
The spiritual beliefs and oral tradition are based on the Dreaming, which is different for various individual groups. The culture is overlapping and has evolved over time. What’s more, the culture is based on ancestral beliefs, which is expressed through rituals. When women get old she gets power and respect to take decisions and suggest a solution to a problem. Men and women are both jointly given the rights to make decisions to resolve any issue. Also, the decisions are made by the custodians of law. Some Australian aboriginal groups have a separate law for women. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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