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Burial and Ceremonial Traditions of Egypt Compared to the Romans and How It Influenced America Today - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Burial and Ceremonial Traditions of Egypt Compared to the Romans and How It Influenced America Today" states that the significant similarity is found in the fact that both Egyptians and American cultures worshipped the sun god. In Egypt, this sun god was named ‘Ra’…
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Burial and Ceremonial Traditions of Egypt Compared to the Romans and How It Influenced America Today
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Extract of sample "Burial and Ceremonial Traditions of Egypt Compared to the Romans and How It Influenced America Today"

Download file to see previous pages Pilgrim Fathers led to the development of significant differences in the beliefs and practices of American cultures. In the case of Egypt, there was significant influence from Roman and Greek cultures. Thus, as time passed, there arose considerable differences among the cultures.
A look into historical evidence proves that the practices related to the dead vary among various civilizations. However, it seems that all the civilizations share a certain degree of similarity too. To illustrate, the Romans, Egyptians, and the ancient American civilizations like Mayan and Inca held the belief that the dead deserve some sort of rituals and planning. In addition, history proves that in societies the practices and beliefs undergo changes as time passes, and as civilizations decline. This work intends to look into the burial practices that existed among the ancient Egyptians and Romans, and it analyses if they had any influence on the American cultures.
It becomes evident that all the pagan cultures had a lot of similarities in their burial practices and beliefs, and as time passed, these beliefs and practices changed. Obviously, the coming of Christianity too had an influence on the burial practices of these cultures.
In fact, different Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures had different outlook regarding death and the afterlife. Consequently, their treatment of the dead varied accordingly. Ancient Egyptians buried their wealthy in expensive tombs which were filled with artefacts and wall paintings depicting families during their everyday lives. However, one can see that as time progresses, the positive outlook of the Egyptians about the afterlife changes significantly; the afterlife began to be considered as a place of fear; filled with evil spirits. As a result, they began to bury their dead with ‘The Book of Dead’ that contained spells that help the dead navigate in the afterlife.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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