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The Deconstruction of Art and Performance in Dada - Coursework Example

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The paper “The Deconstruction of Art and Performance in Dada is dedicated to the movement of the 1990s, which changed the paradigm in literature, theater, art, basing on a deconstruction of society and the idea of "anti" in every life sphere, creating a reality on illusions of politics and culture…
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The Deconstruction of Art and Performance in Dada
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Extract of sample "The Deconstruction of Art and Performance in Dada"

Download file to see previous pages The concept of Dada began in 1916 in Zurich, Switzerland and was known as a branch from other 20th century literary movements, such as expressionism and avant-garde concepts.  The main ideology that was used was to create a sense of deconstruction that was in literature and art and which allowed for new interpretations and symbols to be constructed in turn.  More importantly, the movement was designed to deconstruct the old values and traditions of art and to replace this with the idea of anti as art and as a form of expression. 
“A first and key determination of such art is its negativity.  It is anti-: anti-religion, anti – mortality, anti-nature, and in the end even anti-art.  ‘We were all propelled,’ writes Hans Richter, ‘by the same powerful vital impulse.  It drove us to fragmentation or destruction of all art forms, and to rebellion for rebellion’s sake; to an anarchistic negation of all values…. The worlds and its values were rejected for the sake of freedom” (Harries, 61).
The concept of rebellion for the idea of freedom came through with the deconstruction that was in the expression of art and literature.  Those that were a part of the dada movement were interested in fragmenting reality until it was no longer a reality, and instead was a reflection of a loss of ideas of communication, language and the structures of art.   
The concept of deconstructing reality through Dada was followed with the philosophies of artists that were a part of the movement and the expressions of the time.  The artistic thoughts were known to relate directly to the time frame and the culture that was surrounding the era.  It was known during this time that the idea of reality was partly fragmented and broken because of World War I, as well as the political and cultural concepts of the time.  The cultural reflections from the war and the corruption of politics were known to create a change in the exploration of reality and what it meant to be a part of a specific movement.  Instead of having a sense of aesthetics and prestige in the arts, there was a movement toward the reality that was based on deconstruction and illusion.  Instead, there was a belief in concepts such as the self – conscious and the beliefs that individuals held that were not as pleasing.  Dada was known to carry a reflection of the discontent in society from the war as well as the belief from a culture that there was a disturbed reality which was based on fears, fragmentation and an illusion of what reality meant (Goldberg, 369).  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Deconstruction of Art and Performance in Dada Coursework.
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