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New Horizons in Multicultural Counseling - Literature review Example

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The goal of the following review is to summarize the chapters 1 through 11 of the work titled "New Horizons in Multicultural Counseling". Therefore, the paper briefly discusses questions brought up in the chapters and addresses its key points and arguments…
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New Horizons in Multicultural Counseling
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Extract of sample "New Horizons in Multicultural Counseling"

Download file to see previous pages People may harbor resentment towards one type of culture over another. That is why, when people say what foods they like, if they are of one race or culture than another—it may be more expedient for people to just lie instead of saying what foods they “really” like and what really is their race or culture.
The question of race regarding culture is not lost on the authors of this book. The authors of this book realize that race plays a major factor in everything we do and say, from the day that we are born.
Here is where it becomes a bit more difficult to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots. Here is where it becomes more difficult for researchers, who typically are white and have a vested interest in making sure that their research keeps tabs on those who do not look like them.
No one wants to be called different or be singled out because of his or her particular looks. However, as humans, it is only normal that we do make such distinctions about race due to our curious nature.
Most notably, slave traders from all overbought and sold African slaves on the world market starting in the 15th century. However, what is important to know is that slavery is not a new phenomenon, nor has it only been going on in Africa.
In ancient Greece, both men and women, black and white, were slaves. Usually, slaves had some kind of debt that was burdened upon them for some reason and had to serve out a time period to their masters depending upon how much debt was owed and so forth.
Notwithstanding, there were also slaves in Asia and all throughout Europe at some points in their history. No continent, really, save Antarctica, has ever been free of the bane of slavery. It is a known fact that decolonization, however, has happened as rapidly as colonization if not faster, and that quickly the world is becoming more open. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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