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Christian Dior: The Man Who Made The World Look New - Essay Example

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This paper "Christian Dior: The Man Who Made The World Look New" discusses Dior who was a man who was passionate about arts since childhood. This characteristic reflected in his designs, in his passion for gardening. Dior is responsible for putting Paris back on the fashion map…
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Christian Dior: The Man Who Made The World Look New
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Extract of sample "Christian Dior: The Man Who Made The World Look New"

Download file to see previous pages However, Christian was interested only in the arts and mostly in fashion (YourNewFragrance, 2004). Even as a child he was interested in the life of the artisan community (Hirst, n.d.). Unknown to his parents, he would visit galleries and bars that were frequented by painters and writers such as Picasso and Cocteau. His parents did not allow him to pursue studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and he was forced to enroll at the Faculty of Political Science. He, nevertheless, secretly continued to visit the galleries. After four years at the Faculty of Political Science, it became clear that he would never obtain a degree from there and his mother too lost hopes of seeing him as a diplomat. In the meantime, Dior developed a wide circle of friends.

He was known for his creative ingenuity and he started selling his fashion sketches on the streets for 10 cents. He opened a small art gallery in 1928 with the help of the money given to him by his father. His hat designs were more successful than his dress designs (InfoMat, 2008). He still focused on the dress designs and was hired by Robert Piguet. However, when the family came into trouble and his father lost his job, Christian was forced to close the art gallery. He then worked for two years till he was called up for military service. When the US was undergoing the worst depression in history, Dior’s personal life too was affected. His younger brother had to be sent to a psychiatric institution and this news upset his mother who too passed away in 1931 of cancer; his father’s company was declared bankrupt and he himself contracted tuberculosis (Davis, 2007). His father, who had been involved in the stocks and shares, lost all his money in the aftermath of the stock market crash of 1929 (Hirst, n.d.).

To escape his misery, Dior went on a tour to Russia with a group of architects. However, his escape from reality was short-lived because when he returned he found that his partner in the gallery had also been ruined in the stock market crash and the gallery was shut down (Hirst).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Christian Dior: The Man Who Made The World Look New Essay.
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Christian Dior: The Man Who Made The World Look New Essay.
“Christian Dior: The Man Who Made The World Look New Essay”.
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