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Culture as an Open System in Which Individuals Struggle for Regulation and Control - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the culture that can be seen as the collectivity of a group which defines an individual’s affiliation with each other within that group. Because of this affiliation with each other, there creates a difference with another group with different beliefs and customs…
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Culture as an Open System in Which Individuals Struggle for Regulation and Control
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Extract of sample "Culture as an Open System in Which Individuals Struggle for Regulation and Control"

Download file to see previous pages Over the years, various types of discrimination acts have been visible and obvious in every aspect of everyday life. There are a lot of fields that have been affected by discrimination, not only race but also educational status, ethnicity, appearance and other characteristics that may differentiate various groups across the world. It does not only affect an individual’s perception of himself and others but it also has effects in political, social and economic aspects of one’s life. This can be especially seen in getting a job or being promoted to a higher position. Discrimination can be characterized into two forms: verbal and non-verbal (Blank, 2004). Verbal discrimination happens when people speak out anything they could think of on how to describe how they see another person in a degrading or offensive manner. In this case, the pitch, choice of words, intonation and delivery are not of the usual conversational way and tone. Name-calling is also one of the traditional ways of expressing dislike or bias on an individual. On the other hand, non-verbal discrimination is characterized by actions that tend to isolate an individual from a group. For instance, having someone sit far from the group, not giving that person attention, or making that person feel that he does not have an importance to the group are non-verbal ways of discrimination. Degrading and offensive facial expressions, expressing bias, hate or disgust over another individual, are also considered as nonverbal discrimination. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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