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Acquiring Cultural Capital - Case Study Example

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The case study "Acquiring Cultural Capital" points out that Culture affects the lives of people to a great extent. Cultural capital is considered as the experience that a person gets with the passage of time and with experiences of life in order to succeed in his/her life (Kingston 2001)…
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Acquiring Cultural Capital
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Extract of sample "Acquiring Cultural Capital"

Download file to see previous pages Taste is related to linking and disliking that people develop in relation to cultural capital.
In this paper, the answer to the question, what is cultural capital, will be given and afterward the answer to the question, how does cultural capital operate in relation to the particular development of taste, will be given. In the end, the topic, acquiring cultural capital will be concluded.
Culture capital is related to social development. Parents accommodate their children with cultural capital to give them experience and knowledge related to culture, so that they may succeed in their lives (Dumais 2002). Cultural capital is a concept that is regarded as highly influential by societies and people. It has been suggested that culture in relation to practices and temperaments effect on individual and social lives in terms of profit (Frow 1995). People can make use of culture to dominate or monopolize and it can be transferred from one generation to the other (Dumais 2002). According to Bourdieu, cultural capital can be described in three states which are embodied state, objectified state and institutionalized state (Bourdieu 1984).

Cultural capital in form of embodied state is present in an individual, which he/she has gained himself/herself by means of experience and obtained by means of the bequest. Both inherited and attained cultural capital in an individual can be considered in an embodied state (Bourdieu 1984). People do not get cultural capital in inheritance genetically but by their development with the passage of time, through experiences and with the help of their parents and elders, who help them in the attainment of cultural capital (Frith 1996a).
Cultural capital in form of objectified state is present in someone by means of his/her possessed objects. Cultural capital in objectified form can be transferred physically from one person to another or from one place to another as an economic capital that means that cultural capital in its objectified state can be sold (Bourdieu 1984). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Acquiring Cultural Capital Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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