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Culture and Its Impact on People and Their Lives - Case Study Example

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The case study "Culture and Its Impact on People and Their Lives" states that Culture plays a vital role in our daily lives. Culture can be defined as a system that incorporates various ways or patterns of performing any act, leading a life or behaving in a certain manner…
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Culture and Its Impact on People and Their Lives
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Extract of sample "Culture and Its Impact on People and Their Lives"

Download file to see previous pages Culture can be judged by means of religion, lifestyle, literature, music, foods, arts, and architecture, language, fashions, behaviors, rituals and symbols employed by individuals of a society (Tyler 1974). The culture is shifted from generation to the other generation and keeps on changing (Kroeber and Kluckhohn 1952).

Culture is an important part of our lives, which is responsible for shaping our personalities (Dabaghian 1970). It enables us to develop into individuals as we are. People from different cultures are different because of the different social values that are there because of culture (Tyler 1974). With the help of culture, the development in a society can be judged. With the passage of time, the culture of a society goes through various transactions that are the outcome of change in cultural values because of many reasons (Dabaghian 1970). The reasons that can bring in a change in culture are an invasion of a country, impact of global linkage, migration of people from other cultures, colonialism and many others (Dabaghian 1970).

For this paper, two individuals are interviewed. Both are them belong to different cultures. One is from South Africa while the other is from England. The first interviewee is a male while the second one is female. The interview includes questions that are helpful in revealing their cultural perspectives and the impact of culture on their lives.
Both of the interviewees have different perspectives on culture. Culture leaves a strong impact on people and their lives. Different people have different perspectives on culture. Perspectives on culture vary because of multiple reasons (Davis 1992). People consider themselves attached to their respective cultures because they are born in a society under a culture (Agbaje 1996). A person is able to keep an identity on the basis of his/her culture (Rosman and Rubel 2001). Culture enables a person to keep an identity of oneself. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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