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The Role Played by Cultural Difference in International Politics - Essay Example

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This paper "The Role Played by Cultural Difference in International Politics" discusses multiculturalism as an ideology, a policy, and a discourse, approving legitimacy and value of cultural pluralism, relevance and importance of a variety of cultural forms (for example, ethnic and racial)…
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The Role Played by Cultural Difference in International Politics
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Extract of sample "The Role Played by Cultural Difference in International Politics"

Download file to see previous pages The discourse of multiculturalism is inconsistent. To its advantages belongs preservation of cultural pluralism, recognition, and protection of the diverse minority, refusal from xenophobia, chauvinism, and racial prejudices. Lacks are shown in ethnisation of social relations, the institutionalization of cultural distinctions, ignoring the liberal principle of priority of the rights of an individual.

The culture of any nation, defining its spiritual uniqueness, expressing its creative power and abilities, simultaneously is a property of all mankind. “According to official multiculturalism, no individual is forced to retain his or her culture, but all cultures are granted a universal right to celebrate and even to develop their particularities. In principle and not without contradictions, the more cultural diversity there is, the more unity there should be” (Cornwell, 2000, p. 323).

Dialogue of cultures provides a mutual understanding between people, revealing of spiritual uniqueness of each of them. The preservation and development of culture of each nation should become the business of all world communities.

“Contradictory currents that converge in the program of multiculturalism itself must he note the greater recognition of alterities, on the one hand, and the exclusionist reaffirmation of self-identity, on the other. The former is the official line of multiculturalism by which the world is perceived to be diverse and one's the place to be within this plurality. The principles of diversity and plurality demand that one's own ethnicity or identity he deemed to be no more than just one among many. If this requirement of equal limitation and discipline were accepted by all members of the ‘global community’, multiculturalism would make great strides towards the realization of a fair and just human community” (Robins & Webster, 2002, p. 73).

Culture is the basis of social and economic development of people, states and civilizations, spiritual and moral development of a person. Cultural distinctions of people and the inability to cultural mutual understanding and dialogue of cultures have become one of the main reasons for inter-ethnic wars and international conflicts of the twentieth century. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Role Played by Cultural Difference in International Politics Essay, n.d.)
The Role Played by Cultural Difference in International Politics Essay.
(The Role Played by Cultural Difference in International Politics Essay)
The Role Played by Cultural Difference in International Politics Essay.
“The Role Played by Cultural Difference in International Politics Essay”.
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