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This essay talks about the cultural heritage importance in terms of enhancing education in the society. The cultural heritage makes the education to be added some flavor and some aspects of culture are quite entertaining and interesting when incorporated into the education they make it enjoyable…
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Perspective of Cultural Heritage towards the Education
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Cultural heritage Perspective of cultural heritage towards the education Cultural heritage is quite important in enhancing education in the society. The cultural heritage makes the education to be added some flavor and some aspects of culture are quite entertaining and interesting when incorporated into the education they make it enjoyable. For from the Alice Walker’s story “Everyday Use,” the gives an illustration of a story about a mother and child bond. The understanding of the bonding between the child and parent is very important because the society of today will get to comprehend the importance of the family relationships that were quite important in the families of the past. Some cultures are quite entertaining to learn where some are quite humorous, and they are used to by the learners to get entertained and extract the humor that was associated with them. For instance, in the story of Alice Walker, there was some gentle humor that was used to show the excessive zeal of how Dee and Wangero were claiming their heritage (Kimberly, Bruce 2013). Cultural heritage is also imperative in education as it makes the generations that come after the old generation to understand their origin and comprehend the experiences that they went through a long time ago. Cultural heritage helps the generations that come later to learn basic moral qualities that the culture was preserving them. The culture had some basis that were quite important in educating the society and helped them to live in harmony with others and with great respect to everybody. For instance, in the “Everyday Use” story shows how Maggie was not educated through the formal education but she was culturally nurtured. Sister to Maggie, Dee was educated in the formal means, but she never wanted to be detached from the family ties and chooses an African name that will remind her of the memory of her family even after marriage.
The cultural heritage has a sense of belonging to everybody and is quite important to the learners as it helps them to develop the aspect of living together or having the concern of one another. Dee never wanted to be isolated from the family after she got married because she wanted to remember their grandmother who brought them up. This aspect of having the concern of one another is quite important as makes people help one another when at the point of need. The preserved cultural heritage makes the learner understand better the life of the ancestors that they led. When Dee was young never liked their way of living but she came to appreciate it when she was marrying. Cultural heritage also gives some contrast to the life that modern people are living. For instance in the story, Dee was a young modern lady who had taken formal education visited their home while wearing a short orange dress that contrasts the attires that her kid sister Maggie was wearing. Culture preserves other important aspects that can influence the learners of today in the right direction (Kimberly, Bruce 2013). For instance, in the story, a narrator who was the old-fashioned woman was industrious person based on the activities that are illustrated. This aspect will make the learner develop an attitude of hard work.
Kimberly .K, Bruce R. S. (2013) Everyday, Use by Alice Walker Movie. United States Read More
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