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The paper “America’s Film and Video Culture” will analyze an American culture that was popular during the era. The paper will focus on America’s film culture between the years 1929 to 1946 and how it was influenced by age and advancement in the area…
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Americas Film and Video Culture
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American Popular Culture Film and video culture Introduction The G.I generations are also referred to as the greatest generation and comprise of over four million Americans probably at their 90s. They represent a group of Americans born early enough to experience the climax of World War II as well as just too late to serve in the first world war. The paper will analyze an American culture that was popular during the era. The paper will focus on America’s film culture between the years 1929 to 1946 and how it was influenced by age and advancement in the area. During the period, most people of this generation were at their young adulthood and middle life ages (Etkind, 94).
American film culture
Most people in the greatest generation were born during the time of the American silent feature film that lasted until 1929. During the period, the filmmakers in the country established the language of motion pictures as well as cinema that arrived at the height of artistic sophistication. Many full films were developed during the period. The 1930s for example was a period of economic problems and political turmoil. The events affected the films in one way or the other. The 1929 to 1946 period was referred to as the golden age of Hollywood even most of the film produced was black and white. The period was also the decade of color and sound revolution, the advance of the talkies as well as further creation of film genres (Etkind, 94).
Some of the films developed include the gangster films, newspaper reporting films, musicals, the historical biopic, social realism films, western and horror films and lighthearted screwball comedies. The silent period ended during this era with many film stars failing to make a transition to sound. In 1933, for example, the impact of depression was being felt strongly especially and resulted in a decreased attendance in Movie Theater. Some of the films of the time included the Hell’s Angel, Anna Christie and the stagecoach of that was released in 1931. A high number of the early talkies were active at the box office though most of them were of poor quality. The films were dialog dominated, with stilted acting and an unmoving microphone and unmoving camera. Screenwriters in most of the films were required to place emphasis on the script characters and the writers of the title cards became unemployed. Nonetheless, videos and films of this period were produced with style, wit, elegance and skills that have never been equaled (Etkind, 95).
Film production continued to improve between the years 1929 to 1946.The early periods of 1940s were less promising for the film industry in the country especially after the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor in 1941 followed by the loss of foreign markets (Etkind, 95). However, Hollywood film and video production rebounded and reached a profitable pick at the end of 1946. Thereafter, the Country witnessed a rise in sound film production. Additionally, the county witnessed advances in the technology of film ranching from audio recording, special effects, lighting, cinematography and color use. By the end of the Second World War, the county was experiencing high records of theater attendance. The development of the American film focused on outlining the challenges experienced in the society that time as well as the events of the world such as the War.
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Etkind, Charlene. "American Film: Musical Themes and Forms (review)." Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies (2012): 94-95. Print Read More
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