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Zombie Subculture - Essay Example

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The following essay entitled 'Zombie Subculture ' presents the first thing that came to the author's mind after the lecture on “The Zombie Phenomenon” was the article that he had read about Zombie walks and Zombie subculture catching up with the general public in the recent years…
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Zombie Subculture
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Extract of sample "Zombie Subculture"

I believe there are researches being conducted to understand this behavior but to me, I don’t understand why people would want to behave or act in a manner where they have absolutely no control of what they do or think. According to the standard understanding or definition, a zombie has no sense of feeling or experience. It is this sense of feeling and experience that actually defines humans. It is the core to who we are and I don’t see any reason why people would want to give it up or pretend to do that. A vampire sub-culture is something that makes more sense and is close to human nature than a zombie sub-culture.
Even though it is up to the individual to decide if they want to be part of a zombie sub-culture, but I strongly feel such sub-cultures explore the dark and negative side of humans and must be not be encouraged. It can have negative effects on society as a whole. Read More
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