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The essay "The Ides of March by George Clooney" is about a movie written and directed by George Clooney with the assistance of Willimon Beau. However, the governor’s campaign manager is an admirer of his, who knows everything liberal about issues that affect the people during this times. …
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The Ides of March by George Clooney
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The Ides of March by George Clooney
Ides of march is a movie written and directed by George Clooney with the assistance of Willimon Beau. This is according to The New York times (Scott). The movie is set in Cincinnati and revolves around Mike Morrison (George Clooney) who is the liberal, governor of Pennsylvania and is contending in the primary elections of the Democrats, and also eyeing the presidency of the country. The character of the assisting speech writer is questionable, because he acts as though he has a motive. However, the governor’s campaign manager is an admirer of his, who knows everything liberal about issues that affect the people during this times. These issues include the military abroad, global warming and taxation issues. As the movie goes on, it seems like Morris, and his support staff are doing everything right, and are on their way to the White House.
The movie is not only about the perpetual and virtuous guys having victory at the end of all the struggles, but it filled with ups and downs and uncovers the ugly truth about these men who seem holy, just like in most elections of the United states (Scott). During election periods, there are many scandals that appear from all over, just to taint the image of those contending for the public seats. Some of the gossip about certain indignities including bribery or corruption, sex scandals, blackmail and altering their visions and course of history by compelling the voters to compromise their values and principles, by doing so, the candidates end up making sacrifices so that they can survive in the race and hopefully win in the end.
The idea for the theme and plot of this movie traces back to the historical 2004 elections (Scott). It is a condemnation of the small minded politicians in the country, and an eye opener to the public that there is something greater inside all of us, therefore, we should not be swayed by what we see and compromise our values, but stick to our believes and vote for the right people. It is also a reflection of the cost one has to pay for conducting business, in a world filled with people who are ready to bring down and kill each other in whichever manner, just for the opportunity to be in control of what and who remain.
When Barrack Obama was vying for presidency under the Democratic flag, there were high anticipations of him clinching the chair, and that would be the most exhilarating event to occur to the party, after the death of John F. Kennedy (Scott). However, the harsh of the reality of the past few years messed up the optimism everyone had, but Obama managed to become victorious. In relation to the movie, it is a depiction of a long, hard journey from mere hope to struggle to survive, just as Obama did. In conclusion, the theme of the movie is about a politician who seems different from others, but still has the same vices like everyone who ever contended for the office. It is clear that it shows how disappointed the public are about the stereotype of politicians, who never lack scandals.
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Scott, Allen. “Estranged Bedfellows”. The New York Times., 6 Oct. 2011. Web. 29 March 2012. Read More
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