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Jamaican Culture - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on exploring Jamaica island which is located on the border of the Caribbean Sea. It decribes language, religious beliefs, holidays, cuisine, etiquettes, clothing and life-style of Jamaican people and it's modern ways of development. …
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Jamaican Culture
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Extract of sample "Jamaican Culture"

Download file to see previous pages This essay mostly focuses on the description of Jamaican people and ther bright culture. This essay suggests a brief travel through the Jamaican land which will reflect its true views on religious beliefs, holidays, cuisine, etiquettes, clothing and life-style. History of Jamaica and it's modern developing also described in the essay. Jamaica is the third largest isle out of a chain of four islands known as Greater Antilles and forms the northern boundary of the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica is very mountainous and has valleys, waterfalls, marshlands, flat plains and tropical rain forest.
This essay describes Jamaica as a melting pot of many traditions, some legacy of the authentic ancestors and the rest introduced by foreigners. The main ethnic group of population in Jamaica are Blacks, with the minorities of other. According to some researchers, mentioned in this essay “being one of the largest cities in the country, Kingston is the capital of Jamaica located at south of United States of America”. It also provides reader with information on Jamaican religion and beliefs, such as Christianity and Rastafarian religion, which was developed there.
Some other lifestyle traditions of Jamaican citizens are also described, such as common greetings, reationship displays, table etiquette and business etiquette, socializing and different educational levels for men and women.
In conclusiion, this essay mentiones Jamaicans as family oriented people who believe in family values and states that the island is exquisitely beautiful.

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