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Time of Will Evans - Assignment Example

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The paper 'Time of Will Evans' focuses on Will who is biding time and trying to emotionally support his father and make him stronger. But Will knows he will be stronger in time. He has learned “from the streets”, it had been bleak, but he accepts no defeat, retreat or surrender…
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Time of Will Evans
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Extract of sample "Time of Will Evans"

Quote, #1 paraphrased: People are willing to take what’s given rather than what they earn until they marginalize themselves and choose not to be great.
Will wanted to take what he earned. He saved the posse on the ridge, grabbed Doc and hustled him out of the tunnels and started the cover stampede at the climax of the film after breaking away from the railroad man. Will went the distance to help his father get their rightful property back.
The LaBarge article specifies heroism as a larger than life character limiting the possibilities. Will is a 14-year-old boy about to become a 14- year-old man. Will bides his time and then saves the posse. He joins as an equal. He actively participates in the run to the station, a very dangerous endeavor. Will preferred to do great things than accept what was given to him. Will acted heroically in every sense.
 He has a good moral compass and respects differing views.
At the end of the film, Will has the opportunity to shoot Ben. He chooses not to because he understands Ben’s role in getting to the train on time. Will respects Ben’s decision to help complete the task, but despises Ben for leading the gang of thugs that ultimately led to his father’s death. Will chose the righteous path and let Ben board the train.
Will is certainly the least flawed character, and as a 14-year-old man, the most
heroic. Dan grovels for scraps until he is forced to take action. As film tradition,
Dan is the hero of the story; but Will acts most heroically throughout the film. Read More
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(Time of Will Evans Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 75)
Time of Will Evans Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 75.
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