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The paper "Acculturation of Hispanic Population in the United States" describes that the Hispanic culture and community has been diffused all over the country propounding new traditions, trends customs, and cultures and acquired the status of the largest minority group…
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Acculturation of Hispanic Population in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages The people from every culture have brought diversity in American culture with the uniqueness of respective culture. The Hispanic culture and community has been diffused all over the country propounding new traditions, trends customs, and cultures and acquired the status of the largest minority group. America’s bilingual educational structure is the impact of the growing Hispanic population as the largest minority. According to Census Bureau of US (2003), “Young, Diverse, Urban: Hispanic Population Reaches All-time High of 38.8 Million” (Naidoo, 33) These Hispanic groups in the United States have faced certain obstacles from the culture of United States since the time of their arrival. While there has been interchanged of values between the US society and the Hispanics, yet their stay in the United States have brought them certain benefits, which they perhaps could not access back at home.
The Hispanic groups are often referred as an “assimilation-oriented society” (Schaefer, 235) where the problem of language difference has been existent since the time of their arrival in the United States. For a long period of time, the Hispanics witnessed hindrances in schooling for children speaking Spanish. The recognition of the bilingual status and bicultural trend have been accepted and credited in the States only in the recent years. In the current years, Spanish has been recognized as an asset rather than a liability. Variations in accents and pronunciation of the same language have faced resistance from the “language purity movement” (Schaefer, 235). For the last two to three decades Hispanics were discouraged to speak Spanish. The Hispanic children were differentiated from the Anglos in schools. For the last two to three decades Hispanics were discouraged to speak Spanish. (Schaefer, 242) Children were punished if they were caught speaking in Spanish within school premises. The ability of a person to adapt to the stressors is refereed as allostasis. This allostatic load factor is important to judge the proper health status. When an individual is exposed to adverse situations for a long time, it is normal for them to become vulnerable to such challenges involving physiological strain and such alterations lead to a deterioration in health conditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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