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Cultural communication in relation to the culture of India - Essay Example

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This essay describes cross-cultural communication in relation to the culture of India. In addition to the fact that it is the second most populous country in the world brings with it a number of challenges when it comes to intercultural communication…
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Cultural communication in relation to the culture of India
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Download file to see previous pages Cultures have individual perceptions of society, and norms and values affect the manner in which people of varying cultures communicate and understand the world. Inability to understand the difference in culture may cause misunderstanding or hinder communication between people of varying culture. The culture of India is one of the most unique since there is cultural diversity throughout the country. The North, south, and Northeast have unique cultures and their combination has led to development of the Indian culture.It is vital to note that tourism is the most apparent method of intercultural meetings since people of diverse cultures travel to far away lands such as India to learn different cultures. There is normally a difficulty in intercultural communication not only because of the difference in language but also because of the varying attitudes of people of varying culture. Through speech humans are able to communicate with each other and to do so they use language. Humans use systems of symbolic communication to pass across messages and the variety in language makes human communication very complex. Language is the most important tool for the transmission of various cultures. It is also the greatest barrier of communication between individuals of different cultures. In India, different states have various official languages identified by the central government. For example east India speaks Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali. English is considered globally as the language most understood. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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